Good and Evil Testimonies

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  • Young boy reading the Spanish Part 1 color comic.
  • Father reading Good & Evil with his children.
  • Young Hispanic boy looking at the Spanish-language “Moíses” comic.
  • Young Hispanic girl browsing the “Moíses” comic.
  • Burmese
  • Woman in southeast Asia
  • Waitress at a Resort
  • Women at a church meeting
  • Asian man
  • Woman at a Night Bazaar

People from all over the world are receiving the gospel message through the book Good & Evil.

“Praise God! My husband and I gave one Good and Evil comic book to an international student from a Muslim country in North Africa. He said he is a Christian but didn’t own a Bible and doesn’t know much about the Christian faith. He read and loved the comic book and is now asking us where he can get a complete Bible to read. (We, of course, told him to get a KJV.) We’re so excited that he’s hungry for God’s Word. And the best part is he goes back to his home country for holidays where we are praying that he will tell his muslim friends the good news. Thank you for creating the comic book.”

— Christine G.

“I just got an update from a friend who is a corrections officer at Albuquerque Metro detention center. I had dropped off 13 copies of Good and Evil about 2 months ago. He tells me that they have been so popular there are not enough to go around. The librarian has put a two week check out time limit! I’ll buy more as soon as I can. I also put 13 copies in the Sandoval county jail, but I have not gotten any feedback yet. Will keep you posted.”

— Anonymous

“I can’t tell you how excited my husband Judson and I are to get these Good and Evil books to the boys in our local prison. Right here in the small town of Vero Beach, FL there’s a state boys’ prison which houses 500 inmates, ages 14-18 years. I grew up here in Vero, and never even knew it existed until recently. I really believe God brought this to my attention because He wants those books there! I can’t stop thinking about the impact such a blessed tool could bring to these young men. Please pray that God will make a way for the books to be received by everyone He intends them for.”

— Christy K.

“Praise Lord! My people (in a closed country) are very interested in the book Good and Evil. And we are sharing it to introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an easy way to everybody in my country. Would you please pray for the fruits in sharing the words of God to save the lost and bring them to Christ. Thank you so much.”

— Anonymous
View photos of an outreach group in Ukraine handing out copies of Good and Evil to local people.