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At some point, we all ask some basic questions about life, and the nature of good and evil:

Does Good and Evil Exist?

Most people who have been raised in a religious family have had the concept of good and evil ingrained in them. Yet does it really exist? Or has it been invented by people?

All people, even if they weren’t raised religiously, have some concept of things that are good and things that are bad. Everyone knows that stealing a loaf of bread is objectively a worse action than helping someone cross the street.

Where does this universal sense good and evil come from?

What Is Good?

For the most part, people can easily distinguish between which actions are good for them to do and which are bad. Even babies smile and laugh when they are treated with kindness.

Today, many people have come to see good as anything that makes them or others feel good. Yet this often fails to address the potential long-term consequences of our actions.

How do we know what is truly good?

What Is Evil?

In a very general sense evil is the opposite of good. So, many people would define evil as things that cause harm to oneself or others. Those with a more Nihilistic view would likely argue that neither good nor evil exist because life is meaningless. However, this argument has little support because all ancient and modern societies are based on the principles of good and evil. Traces of these concepts can be seen in every culture across the globe for as far back as written records were kept.

So, what is evil, and why should we avoid it?

Good vs. Evil

Everyone, except those who have mental disorders or disabilities, is ingrained with the concept that some things are good while others are bad. Even a toddler knows that they shouldn’t steal someone else’s toys, and when they do, they feel guilty.

Why is it that people from across all cultures, from all backgrounds, hold some concept of good and evil? When people’s concepts of good and evil differ from each other, how do we know which one is correct? How can we truly know the nature of good and evil? And why does it matter?

The Good and Evil comic book presents the history of man, as found in the Bible, as a struggle between the forces of good and evil. It reveals where the concepts of good and evil come from, how we can know what good and evil really are, and why they are important.

Take an action-packed adventure, and see Good and Evil in action on every page. Order your copy of Good and Evil now!

Good and Evil Comic Book Bible

The Good and Evil Comic Book Bible has revolutionized the evangelizing potential of missionaries all over the world by taking the complete story of the Bible and reproducing it in a manner that is easy to visualize and understand for people of all ages and education levels. The Good and Evil graphic novel has already been translated into over thirty languages with a goal of eventually being translated into 100, giving access to God’s teaching to people in all corners of the globe. It is an invaluable tool to missionaries as well as parents and teachers who want to encourage people to become more engaged in the stories of the Bible as well as the soul-saving teachings of Jesus.

How Did the Good and Evil Comic Book Bible Come to Be?

The Good and Evil Comic Book Bible is the brainchild of Michael and Debi Pearl, operating through their organization, No Greater Joy Ministries. They were inspired to create the book when their daughter was working as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. She was experiencing severe difficulties communicating with the people there because of the language barrier. The Pearl’s wanted to create an illustrated Bible tool that could be used both by missionaries to spread the good word and on its own to increase awareness of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Thus, Good and Evil – The Bible as a graphic novel was born.

They began the process of creating this masterpiece by first having Michael write the dialogue and draw the original sketches. However, the Good and Evil comic really took off when they employed the help of Danny Bulanadi, a retired Marvel Comics illustrator, to create the illustrations and really bring the book to life. After three years of hard work, the first finished copies were produced. Then came the arduous task of translation which the team is still hard at work trying to reach their goal of translating Good and Evil into 100 languages.

The Pearls are extremely passionate about the Good and Evil Bible. They believe that even if just one soul learns of the story of Jesus and is saved that all their work will have been worth it. However, they are laboring endlessly so that their book will be distributed all over the world, hopefully saving hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise would have no access to learning about the teachings of Christ. They want to ensure that no one is deprived of hearing the word of God in an understandable and even fun form.

No Greater Joy Ministries doesn’t collect any profits from the copies of the books that are used by missionaries. They only earn profits from copies of the book that are sold in English. Otherwise, all profits go back into the organization so that the book can be translated into more languages and distributed to more missionaries. They also allow people to work independently of them, and will help in the production and translation of the material in any way they can without expecting anything in return, as long as their material is used to expand knowledge of God and Jesus throughout the world.

What is in the Good and Evil Comic Book Bible?

Good and Evil contains 312 full-color pages broken down into 13 chapters that tell the complete story of the Bible. It starts at the very beginning, detailing how the world was created as well as the fall of Adam and Eve. It then describes in detail Christ’s birth, life, suffering, death, and resurrection. Finally, it concludes by relaying some of the information found in the last book of the Bible: Revelation. This includes a modern story of judgment in which John Doe receives justice based on the deeds of his life which serves as a lesson and warning to all who read it. God is just, yet people need to make sure they live holy lives so that they will ultimately be saved during the final judgment.

The book is easily understood by people of all ages, but because of the graphic nature of some of the illustrations, some parental guidance is still advised for younger children. Yet it is not any more graphic or intense than most other comic books about superheroes and villains. Good and Evil is a wonderful book that can greatly enrich the lives of all who look upon its pages.

The book utilizes a wonderful balance of original storytelling as well as quotes from the Bible itself so that readers still get all of the important information, but in a fresh and innovative way that will keep them much more engaged than just solely reading the original words of the Bible. Additionally, the expertly drawn illustrations created by a true professional mimic other prominent comic books making viewers forget they are reading the Bible. Instead, viewers feel like they are engaging with an action story that is much more exciting than reading verbose scripture.

Order Today!

Good and Evil is more than just a simple book, it is a missionary in and of itself. It helps to spread the word of God in a brand-new way that has proved to be extremely effective for people of all ages. Don’t hesitate to become part of the movement and spread the good news to everyone you meet. Get your copy of Good and Evil today! However, if you’d like to check out the book before making a purchase you can view a Good and Evil comic pdf on the book’s website. If you like what you see, please consider making a purchase, as again the only profits received are those for English book sales.

Read Good and Evil with your family, friends, or anyone you meet. There is no excuse for you to not embark on the journey toward becoming closer to God today! Take home your very own copy of Good and Evil – The Bible as a Graphic Novel and help a great cause spread the Word of God all over the world.