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The Gaudet Family

Updated December 2012

Good and Evil Translations

Update: According to the latest figures, 366 million Indians speak Hindi as their mother tongue. Many more speak it as a second language. The foundation for Hindi is a language called Hindustani. Hindustani is also the foundation for Urdu, spoken in both India and Pakistan, where it is the national language. Many speakers of both of these languages and variations communicate well with one another even though there are variations in the dialect. More than 483 million represent these languages alone!

Now that the Hindi edition of Good and Evil is completed and going to press, it is being used as a resource for the translation of other sister languages in these countries.

The Hindi and Pakistani Urdu editions are being consulted in the translation of Indian Urdu. Many other languages of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh will be jump-started as a result of the work just completed.

Taking a regional approach to these translations has proven the most effective way. Oftentimes, translation of a minority language is facilitated by first translating and publishing the trade language. Hindi is a case in point.

Pray for the team here in Thailand as we continue in this tedious and time consuming work of coordinating scores of translations and their formatting, printing, and distribution.

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