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BKE – Created to Be His Help Meet – 10th Anniversary Edition

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10th Anniversary Edition

Created to be His Help Meet, first published in 2004, has sold over 500,000 copies in 12 languages. I am in amazement after reading the testimonies of women in England, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, and many others that have shared that their marriages have been saved and enriched from the biblical truths in my book. Over the years I have learned from these many women, and, responding to their cries for help, have added TWO NEW CHAPTERS and other revisions to address their specific needs. One of the new chapters is: Servant or Servitude? There is a difference. One is godly, the other devilish. Did we fail to make that distinction clear enough the first time around? Some have indicated such. So, we tackled the subject head on. –Debi Pearl


Book Description

Somewhere over the passing years and changing culture, women have lost their way. This book is written to lead them back home. Regardless of how you began your marriage or how dark and lonely the path that has brought you to where you are now, I want you to know that it is possible today to have a marriage so good and so fulfilling that it can only be explained as a miracle…

I did it! It took four years, thousands of hours, many tears, revisions, and distractions.
But I finally finished my book. I had no idea God had so much to say to us ladies until I began going through God’s Word verse by verse and writing the different sections of Created to be His Help Meet. Many times as I read a passage, I would say to my husband, “I’m not going to include those verses in my book because if I do, the ladies (of any religious group you can think of, including my own) will not like my book or promote it.” My dear husband would say to me, “If God thought it was important enough to inspire it as part of his Word to us, then you should include it.” And so I would cringe and add one more controversial subject after another.

So in obedience with Titus 2, where God commands the aged women to teach the younger women, I have obeyed and given you the very best I can do: 27 chapters and 336 pages, a culmination of letters from my readers, counseling sessions, wisdom gleaned from my daughters, my own very personal stories, and, of course, the Word of God. I give you Created to Be His Help Meet.



Created to Be His Help Meet showed me the changes I needed to make in my life that ultimately led my husband to Christ. Created to Be His Help Meet is simply the best book I’ve read in conjunction with the Bible on being a Godly wife.”
~ Candace Cameron Bure, Actress, Author & Speaker, Growing in God Ministries

“When I received your book Created to Be His Help Meet, I literally devoured it! I learned much on how to be a good help meet and about our Christian walk in general. We learned of a couple who separated, the wife was advised to give her husband her terms and basically live without him. I gave her a copy of your book, (she agreed she’d like to read it, having heard of it in the past). I called her one morning and she was an unbelievably changed person! She was ready to fight for her husband and love him. She wants him back desperately! She has realized how wrong she has been and is determined to change. From what ( she’s said) her husband is definitely a Mr. Steady, it sounds like he does want things to work out. I am so thankful for God’s intervention and the change in her heart! It amazes me to think that we so often brush off what God says, thinking we have better ideas.”
~ Laura

“Thank you for sharing your life and heart in Created to Be His Help Meet. Who would have guessed that a trip to the library could totally transform and ignite your marriage? I couldn’t wait to read your book. Instantly I started following your advice. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and had a great relationship, but now it is absolutely incredible.”
~ H.C.

“I am writing to thank you for your book Created to Be His Help Meet. I did not think I needed it because we have a good marriage. Well, I did not realize what I was in for in reading your book and how the Lord would deal with my heart and show me how I was in rebellion to my husband’s authority and how selfish I really was. My husband is elated and is daily praising me as the new wife that he is so pleased with. I also had realized that I was resisting him in the sexual area of our relationship, but did not know what to do about it, the Lord did indeed direct me through your book.”
~ C.K.

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