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In Search Of A Help Meet

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Choosing your wife is one of the most important and life directing decision you will ever make. This book may save you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

In today’s world, finding that perfect woman is a difficult art or maybe a far-out gamble, and few there be that find the lady of their dreams. Making a good choice starts with knowledge of what you need, and how to spot the gal who has your number. Choosing the type of woman who not only turns you on but also relates well to you is the key to a glorious marriage. I guess the real issue is that most guys don’t have a clue as to what makes women tick and they sure don’t know what they should be looking for. This is a clear, focused plan for becoming a man of honor, getting primed for marriage and guidance in the search for the right lady.

Michael and his wife Debi have been happily married since 1971 and have authored many blockbuster books on love, sex, and marriage.

From the back cover:

In Search of a Help Meet is a guide for young men searching for the perfect mate, as well as a guidebook for parents seeking wisdom in how to help their older children who are seeking. Married couples will love reading it together as a marriage study. Christian leaders will find this a great help in teaching on the subject of marriage.

Young men sitting on the threshold of this glorious time in your life, I salute you. As an old man who has known the splendid wonder of marital bliss for over 40 years, I want you to know, it is all that Song of Solomon says it is and more. To be perfectly united to a woman is man’s greatest fulfillment and his finest success, bar none. Unfortunately, few find their forever love-mate.

This book is written to guide you in your quest.

  • How do I discover potential spouses outside of my social circle?
  • Is there only one person for me and how can I know who that person is?
  • What traits should I look for in a spouse?
  • What do I do if our parents want us to go through a long betrothal process?
  • Should I trust the counsel of others or make the decision alone?
  • What if I married the wrong person?

“Brilliantly written, compellingly true, marriage handbook classic.”
— Mel Cohen, Publisher, Inspired Authors Press

248 pages.

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