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Bible Student Special - Revelation Poster and Handbook & Romans Commentary

Item 8160-55

Set contains the Romans Commentary and our popular Revelation Poster & Handbook. Thorough verse-by-verse teaching of two very important books of the New Testament.



Romans: This commentary, covering Romans chapters 1 through 8, contains a careful word-for-word examination of every phrase, and addresses all the hard theological issues that have been the foundation of the Christian faith down through the centuries.

Revelation Poster & Handbook: Years ago when Michael was teaching through the book of Revelation, he painted an eight-foot canvas depicting the events described by John. It has been reproduced on thick poster paper, 18" high by 39" long and can be used for personal or group Bible study. Michael has prepared a handbook to go with the painting, which makes it a great study guide. Verses are marked beside the images on the painting, and the handbook gives additional references out of the Old an New Testaments. If you always thought the book of Revelation was a mystery and too hard to understand, now is your opportunity to approach it in a way that makes it easy to study. This poster comes in a hard cylinder, which protects it in shipping.

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