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Are there any paradoxes in the Bible?

This Weeks Bible Question: Are there any paradoxes in the Bible? If so, what kind of paradoxes? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Alright, here we are once again. I’ve s (...)

What is the Judgment Seat of Christ?

This Weeks Bible Question: What does 2 Corinthians 5:10 mean? As a Christian, I thought I wasn't going to be judged. Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Well, it’s Bible T (...)

What does taking up your cross daily mean?

This Weeks Bible Question: What did Jesus mean in Luke 9:23 about taking up your cross daily? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Hi, I’m Mike Pearl of No Greater Joy M (...)

Mike's New Book, Training Children to...

Mike: I have a new book that you’re going to love. I have enjoyed writing it immensely. It’s called Training Children to be Strong in Spirit. I’ve been looking forward to writing t (...)

Dealing with Frustration

MIKE: Hi, I’m Mike Pearl, and they drug me down off the hill where I’ve been working to answer your questions, which I am delighted to be doing here on this beautiful afternoon. Tr (...)

When did God create snakes?

This Weeks Bible Question: Were snakes part of the original 6 Days of Creation? Or, do snakes exist because God cursed Satan? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: All (...)

Does the Bible still apply today?

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Hi, I'm Mike Pearl. Jared dragged me indoors today to answer your Bible questions, and, so, here I am—got my Bible in front of me—and Ja (...)

How should we deal with sinning Christians...

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Hello, I'm Mike Pearl. Here we are in Studio B. Are we in B or A? OK. And we're here to answer your bible questions today. So, Jared (...)

Was David born with a sinful nature?

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  All right I'm Michael Pearl still sitting here on this bucket on this 2 x 4, getting some kind of a rear-end disease I think. But I'm (...)