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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl
Episode 076: When did God create snakes?

By Michael Pearl

This Weeks Bible Question:

Were snakes part of the original 6 Days of Creation? Or, do snakes exist because God cursed Satan?

Episode Transcription


Michael Pearl: All right, I’m still here behind the camera answering your questions. I have my two-dollar ironed shirt on, ready to go. Jared’s got the questions you’ve written in. I have not seen them or heard them yet. I am fixing to find out what they are. Jared, would you read the question to me?

Jared: Were snakes part of the original six days of creation, or do snakes exist because God cursed Satan?

Michael: All right, that’s an interesting question. She’s thinking. That’s good. In Genesis chapter two, the Bible speaks of Lucifer as entering into a beast of the field. Originally, Lucifer was a beast, just like Anti‑Christ is a beast. Just like around the throne of God in Ezekiel chapter 1 and chapter 10, and Revelations chapter 4 or 5. You see around the throne of God four beasts. Four living creatures, ultimately called beasts or living creatures. They are called beasts, because they have the head of a lion, an eagle, or an ox. They had cloven feet like a calves foot, and they had wings like a bird would have wings or like a bat would have wings, so they are called beasts or living creatures.

Lucifer was a cherub. Cherubs have the face of an ox. He was a beast in heaven, but when Lucifer sinned, he lost his body. He was killed, so to speak, disembodied. He exists in the universe like a spirit. A spirit like the devils have spirits, and they seek to inhabit the bodies of humans. That’s why people get devil-possessed or demon-possessed, because the devils want to experience the sensations of flesh. They want to feel the breeze, smell. They want to taste food. They want sex. They want to experience all that the human body experiences and if they can’t live in the human body they like to live in animals. We see them begging to go into the pigs when Jesus cast them out. Lucifer commonly had the body of a beast before he sinned.

When God placed Adam and Eve in the garden, Lucifer was there. He had already fallen some time before they were created. He had already been disembodied sometime before they were created. He had need to speak, but no body to speak with. So he found a beast of the field that was subtil; it was sneaky, flowing in its movement, it was a subtil beast of the field. It was not a beast of the lagoon, or a beast of the swamp, or something that lived in a rock pile. This was a beast of the field. It roamed in the fields.

It was a beast that had legs, that didn’t crawl on its belly, at this time. After Eve was deceived by Satan and God cursed the serpent, he cursed Satan in that body, then He said, “From this time on, you’ll crawl on your belly and eat dust.” In chapter two of Genesis.

You asked the question, were there serpents or snakes prior to this event? The Bible doesn’t tell us. It could go either way. In other words, it could be that there were not. The first snake is the result of something like a dragon, which Satan is called, being cursed and going on its belly, without legs.

Take a serpent like a rattlesnake, not a pretty little garden snake but a rattlesnake, with its wide body, and its head, and its wicked little tail, and put a couple of big back legs on it. There are little bones back there that come out a where leg would be, right close to its buttocks. And then, put a couple short front legs on it. Stand that serpent up and you’ve got a dragon then, a scaled dragon. A little forked tongue coming out and those big long white teeth I’ve had them strike at me.


Like that! Just barely miss — scary thing. I’ve also made belts out of them. Take one of those and put him in a field, roaming around, six- eight- ten-foot-tall and beautiful. When he came up to Eve he had selected a body that was magnificent. He shined in the light, his scales reflecting different colors. The book of Job talks about this Serpent. When God cursed it, if there were snakes previously, then all the dragon did was join them, this beast of the field joined them, crawling on its belly. If not, that was the first one, the predecessor to all the serpents that crawled on their belly.

That’s the closest I can come to answering your question, because that’s as far as the Bible goes with it. But you can take either one you like. I suppose we’ll all find out when we get there, just as soon as we get into Heaven. If that’s your first question, you can run up and say to one of the angels standing by, “Were there snakes before Lucifer?” He’ll probably laugh and tell you a lot better answer than I did.


Voiceover: If you’d like to ask a Bible question, email us at [email protected], or call at 931-805-4820.


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