Episode Transcription:

Michael Pearl:  All right, I am about to finish up this big old buffalo here. I’m going to have some good eating tonight. We are answering Bible questions. Jared has got some there, and I haven’t seen them. And so, Jared is going to put the questions to me, and we are going to see what we can come up with. Jared, what have you got first?

Jared:  According to the Bible, was it wrong to leave and divorce my abusive husband?

Michael:  Wrong to leave and divorce your abusive husband? If your husband was trying to kill you, or had cut you, or shot you, or beat you half to death; no, it was not wrong to leave him and divorce him. And you should not marry again. The Bible says that if you leave, do not marry. So no; I would suggest, in fact, that if you have an abusive husband, to leave. And then pray for him and give him a chance to repent, because the Bible says that your children are not sanctified when you have separated them from both parents, in the book of First Corinthians.

You can’t stay with somebody that is… Now if he is just verbally abusive, you need to retreat and be his help mate, and maybe help him not to be, or help him get some counsel. I am writing a book to men that may end up helping some of them.

Yes, you can leave him, but there is no point in divorcing. You should just separate and pray for his healing, so that you and the kids can go back to him. But if you do have to leave him, the Bible says remain unmarried. All right.

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