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Child Training 101 - The Terrible Two's

By Michael Pearl


[intro music]

Michael Pearl:  What happens is when they come into the world, they're Mama's little sweetheart. But they grow up and they're not so cute anymore. "The Terrible Two's," somebody said. "It's the Terrible Two's that they're going through. It's just a stage that they're going through. It's their personality type." "No, they're strong‑willed," somebody says. "My child is just a strong‑willed child."

I heard so many parents excuse behavior saying they're just strong‑willed. I say no, they're not strong‑willed, they're just not meeting enough resistance. They have a weak‑willed mother. That's the problem.


Now, somebody says, "It's hyperactive. My child is just a hyperactive kid." I love hyperactive boys. I have a big pile of firewood that needs to be split.


I have a garden that needs to be hoed. Send me your hyperactive kid and I will send you a sack of tomatoes.


No, here's the real disease. It's HHGMADDNOSD. That's short for Hyper Hateful Give Me Attention Discipline Deficit No Order Sin Dumb. You see, in our psychology, sociology world there is the belief that if you just take a habit, an action, a character trait and give it some kind of name then it is thereby a disease, inherited quality for which the person is not responsible and therefore needs to be treated with drugs or be ignored. But no one comes into the world with character flaws. Character flaws are not personality traits.

Someone might be aggressive or somewhat shy and it be an inherited trait. Someone else might be agitated and active and running all over the house and that can be inherited. When a kid is angry, that's a character flaw and they weren't born with it. When a kid is bitter or lazy, that is not a state of birth. That's a condition of heart.

[music outro]

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4 comments on “Child Training 101 - The Terrible Two's”

  1. Very well said. Thanks for the eye opener to tell it like it is. God doesn't say for parents to train their children up in the training and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4b) for no reason. We are all born in sin. Children must be turned from their evil, selfish intentions - the natural man w/o the Lord's leading.

  2. This is a great clip. My 9 and 14 year olds were captivated with the idea of learning to turn a two year old around and were tracking and laughing along. So we've been left on a cliff hanger! Where can we get the whole talk? Thanks!

  3. Currently reading To Train Up a Child in hopes of receiving good guidance and suggestions on how to train my now three year old. I'm just so disappointed that Mike and Debi feel they need to cut down and belittle the parent's who they use as 'examples' in their book for what not to do.
    I may not have made the same exact mistakes they use to exemplify "such stupidity" (as the authors would put it) but I have made plenty. I find myself being completely insulted for not knowing any better as I read this book. I don't believe I am being too sensitive here. Your portrayal of 'bad trainers' is simply disrespectful and disheartening.

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