Shalom Brand:  [laughs] Command man marries go-to girl. You will have to learn to serve him, respect him, and honor him. Why did I say those things? Because as a go‑to, you are going to have your own ideas and your own plans. You’re going to want to get your things done, and you’re going to have to step back and realize that sometimes you might be wrong. Eve was the one deceived in the garden. We as women are soft, and sometimes we can be deceived.

You know, some wonderful person will come by and tell you something and you believe it and go to your husband, “This is the way it is and we’re going to do it like this.” And he’s like, “No.” [laughs]

You’re just going to have to be willing to give over and serve him. Let me see, I think I had an example here. Alexis. Sorry, I use my girls. Alexis, come here. Her parents are command man and a go‑to. She is going to say how her mom handles it.

Alexis:  Well, to first give you a little bit of a picture of my dad, he’s told us all from the very beginning—I have six siblings—he said, “Our house is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship. That’s just how it’s going to be.” That’s just the way my dad is. I love him, because he’s awesome. Something that my mom struggled with is she has all these great ideas. She wants to do this, and she’s got all this stuff mapped out. Then all of a sudden, Daddy will come in and be like “We’re doing this.” In the beginning of their marriage she would tell us, “Oh, yeah, that just didn’t work out. It ended up in a pillow fight or something.”


Alexis:  Now she’s learned to just throw all of her energy, all of that go‑to girl energy, into really serving him. Just honoring him with everything that she says, everything that she does. That’s one thing—whenever he asks anything of her, she tries to be that more servant personality and just serve him with her entire heart.

Shalom:  Her parents, we all love them. They moved to Tennessee a couple years ago and we love her parents. They’re wonderful. And she does, she serves him. They always are smiling, and he is the happiest king. Obviously, he loves his queen and he loves his kids. All of the girls love their dad. Alexis loves to be home. She is . . . how old are you?

Alexis:  [inaudible 2:55]

Shalom:  Eighteen. She loves to be home. When it’s time to go home and there’s a bunch of people playing ball . . . “I got to go home! I got to eat supper with my family. We’re going to do clean-up time.” Her personality is a go-to girl, right? But she likes to be home.

Anyway, I wrote this: You are already his queen. You just have to show him that you are not out to take the throne. Just help him rule it. [laughs]

Be his queen; that’s what you are. Be his servant. Be a minister to your kids. Serve your kids, love your kids, and help be the queen that you are.



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