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How our family is preparing for COVID-19 or Coronavirus

By Debi Pearl

Listen to Debi Pearl and Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling sharing their thoughts on how to prepare for (and maybe prevent) the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Debi's daughter, Shoshanna, is currently pregnant and sharing her game plan on staying safe and healthy during this time. Below are links to information that they recommend in the video. Have fun watching this and stay safe!

A doctor we follow for information on COVID-19:
A song to learn with your kids:
Mike's teaching on YouTube:


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5 comments on “How our family is preparing for COVID-19 or Coronavirus”

  1. I’m really glad you made this video! Thank you! I’ve been wondering what y’all were thinking about this.

    I do have a question though. How does moisturizing your lungs help if they are already full of fluid? Maybe you meant to moisturize them in the early stages when you’re having dry, unproductive cough. Sorry if I missed something there!

  2. I found the COVID video very helpful. I always strive to be the help meet to my husband. I have worked as a teacher for 18 years. I do enjoy it, but it has always been a financial necessity. I absolutely strive my best to keep my home a sanctuary for Larry, and often buy pre-prepared meals from the meat and veggie departments from my grocer's so I can ensure a healthy meal. I am an avid user of essential oils and herbs. My husband lost his business due to COVID (He owned a fitness center.) Now it is my job exclusively that pays all the household bills. He is very depressed that he can no longer take part in supporting our family. We have two daughters. I always believed that housework is in my calling, but now I have had to take on tutoring as well as teach Chinese children online (VIP Kids). If I were to continue with everything, I literally would be working 24 hours a day. He is doing nothing to help with the house and children, although he is home all day and is not looking for work. Help!

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