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Mama Pearl's Garden 1 - Celery and Cardboard Gardening

By Debi Pearl

In this video, Mama Pearl tells you how to start planting a garden. It's really easy and fun! Learn how to use cardboard and veggie scraps to make an awesome garden that grows lots of veggies. You can start your own celery plants and watch them grow!

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One comment on “Mama Pearl's Garden 1 - Celery and Cardboard Gardening”

  1. Mr and Mrs Pearl,
    Oh I SO appreciate you Mr AND Mrs Pearl SO SO very much! I have absorbed ALL of your videos and can\'t wait for the next video! I glean so much from your wisdom and knowledge of life and The TRUTH of Gods Word. Mr Pearl, I appreciate your many many gifts and talents! Mrs Pearl, I love your gardening videos and wish you would start your own YouTube channel called MaMa Pearls Garden! That would be awesome!
    I too LOVE gardening! Before being divorced, I was a stay-at-home Mom, had an acre sized garden, grew most of our own food for my family of five, and preserved that food for use in the winter. I was so content then and loved my life and yearned for self-sufficiency. After 25 years of marriage, I found myself divorced from a cheating husband and was pushed to the curb to fend for myself and now live alone in an apartment on the outskirts of town. I miss living in the country SO SO very much. But I still long to be self-sufficient and grow as much as I can in pots on my back patio at my apartment.
    Thank you so much for ALL that you do for The Lord. I can\'t wait to meet you both on the other side of the veil some day! I hope that God puts us in the same neighborhood so we can hang out together!
    Please do not post this comment online. I prefer to remain private. But please do visit my YouTube channel Mrs. Pearl. I think you will enjoy it. I too, share The Gospel at the end of each and every video I make. I thank God for the privilege of doing so.
    God bless and much love to you both (((hug))),
    Sister in Christ @
    Learn Crochet By The Sea

    Looking forward to out trip out of here on \"Jesus Air Line\" flight #777

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