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Prophet Marries Go - To From the Preparing Session with Shalom Brand at the Big Texas Shindig

By Shalom (Pearl) Brand



Shalom Brand:  Prophet marries go‑to girl. Always be available to help him. Learn to serve him. Learn to listen. You will be tempted to tell him when you know that the dream he is chasing at the moment is a dead end, but learn to be quiet and wait on the Lord and just enjoy the ride. There's a young couple—actually, they're not a young couple any more. Why are you laughing? There's a young couple, I guess young, they're in their 40s, in our church. They got married, and he's like, "Hey, for our honeymoon, let's go on a bike ride for six weeks.” On a bike for six weeks! In the middle of nowhere, up and down hills, on your honeymoon. And so she had to do it.


Shalom Brand:  She did do it, that's the point. She did do it. I don't know why. I think I would have kindly redirected his thoughts. But anyway, always be available to help him. He's going to want to do this, he’s going to want to go here, he’s going to be a visionary personality, and you're going to have to stop what you're doing and go with him. You're going to have to have a good attitude, so study joy. You're going to have to listen to him.

See, visionaries start projects they'll never finish. Go‑to girls don't. They see and they're like, "All right, this is what needs to be done, I can do it; no, I can't finish that project, so I'm not going to start it,” because they're not visionaries. They know ahead of time what they want and where it's going and how it's going to end. Visionaries don't really care. They're enjoying it at the moment and that's what they do.

If you are a go‑to girl and your husband is a visionary, he can't see the end result. Don't step over him and control him and usurp his authority. That doesn't mean that you can't be a gentle guidance. My sister Shoshanna will help: “All right, let's work this through, let’s see what we need to do,” and he's all on board. This is exciting! We're going to do this! All right; let's write down all of our plans, and it's his decision. “Nah, this isn't a good idea,” once he sees the end result.

You can do that and help them, but if Shoshanna just said, "James, that's just not going to work. We're not going to do that," that would crush him. But when it's his idea, "No, that project’s not going to work," that's good.


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