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The Good and Evil - Animated Promo - Thomas James

By Thomas James



Thomas James:  Fourteen years ago, I went to the mission field, in closed country, had to get a job and work. I got a job working at a restaurant that was just starting. They started the day before I came on. I worked there for three years. It was good. The restaurant grew. It became very successful. The owners, they had great vision, they had good ideas, they did a lot of things right, worked very hard. While I was working there, they expanded. Then, shortly after I moved on to other things, they really grew, took over more buildings, opened up three other branches in that country. Just last year, the owners moved to another country to start seven more restaurants in the same branch, very successful.

Looking back, I wish that I would have had the wisdom or the foresight to buy shares and become a partner in it. I believe it would have been a very wise move as far as finances and stuff.

Along the same line of thought, almost 20 years ago, Michael Pearl, he borrowed $2,000 from a relative to get his first book printed, "To Train Up a Child." I remember him and his wife, Debbie, driving around in a station wagon and selling them at book fairs, book shows, and home school fairs.

Then they started a newsletter. That's how they started No Greater Joy. It has grown. God's blessed it. They're reaching out to 30 different languages right now with their materials and stuff. It's been a very successful ministry.

When I see this, looking back and watching them grow and become successful, and seeing that God is in it, I wish that I would've been the one to loan them that $2,000, if I could have had that part. Not that I want royalties or any money gained, but I want to impact heaven as much as I can.

Anyone with a time machine can be a good investor, but now is that time that we're going to wish we could come back to. Right now, there's some big projects going out that are going to impact the world.

The one that I'm most excited about is the "Good and Evil" video that's going to go out. We have a chance right now. You can play a big part or a small part in getting this thing off the ground. I really believe that it's going to really impact things. People are going to get saved, families will be healed, men will be delivered from vice and sin, and the course of nations and continents can be changed through the power of the Gospel presented in this film.


Announcer:  The stories are real, none vetted. The stories are true, not fiction. They are about good and evil, parents and children, sin and redemption. This is the Gospel story in a way never experienced before.


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