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Kalsoom’s Testimony

June 17, 2022

We recently received this amazing testimony from a partner in Pakistan.

Names have been changed for security reasons.

Kalsoom married ten years before and she did not bear any children and her womb was desolate. She was very much upset and doctors gave their decision that she cannot bear a child. Her husband wanted to leave her. Although he loved her, there was huge pressure on him from His family and society. Kalsoom was in huge trouble, that after living a ten years [married] life, she will be alone again. Kalsoom’s parents were also very much disturbed as they were aged and it was very hard for them to have their daughter back to their house. Kalsoom shared the testimony on the phone and shared a brave testimony… –Rusul

I am Kalsoom, I was not believer of Jesus Christ, my hubby and my family were not believers of Christ, even we never heard of the name of Christ in my life. My hubby wanted to leave me as I was not able to bear the children for him and his family. There was tremendous pressure on him to do the second marriage. My life was totally ruined and I was totally disturbed and living like the living corpse in the house. I always heard words like hate, discouragement, cursed from my sister in laws, mother-in-law and from other women of the family, that I am desolate and cursed. You will not believe me that newly married girls do not want to see me and their mothers and mother in laws advise them not to see me, and to sit and talk with me, as I am cursed. My life was totally meaningless for me and many times I decided to commit suicide.

I was sitting in my room very sad and depressed, when I saw our maid who is Christian and living in the servant quarters was reading the book [Good and Evil in Urdu] in her free times. I asked her what are you studying, what pictures you are looking at. She was pouring over the pages and she was studying the text. I asked her to show me that book, I saw the pictures and read the story of Moses first, then the story of Adam. I found it very interesting… as the pictures speaks a lot and I started understanding about Adam & Eve’s first sin, that how Satan deceived them and what happened later. All the story was very clear, then I stopped on what God said to Eve,

And I will put enmity
between thee and the woman,
and between thy seed and her seed;
it shall bruise thy head,
and thou shalt bruise his heel.

It was very difficult for me to understand what was the woman’s seed? First, I thought it is written by mistake. Then I asked my maid, do you know something about it, she said no. Next day she gave me the number of her father, I called him and he was unable to answer this question, then he gave me the number of local Pastor. He told me briefly what it means. I was amazed that God promised man for salvation from the very beginning and from very first sin. The Pastor told me that he has some books and a Bible for me. He told me about Brother Rusul, who gave him this material. Naik o Bad (Good and Evil in Urdu) is very interesting, I kept it studying with the help of the Bible. Pastor and Brother Rusul helped me wherever I need help. It was not easy to talk to them every day. I have to call them secretly; I was talking to men, in this community where they could accuse me of adultery and where my hubby could take any action.

I read the miracles of Jesus in chapter ten. I saw that Jesus has wonderful powers like God. He just spoke like God and things happened, like lepers get healed, sick gets healed, eyes were open, deaf listened, even the air, water and storm obeyed Him. I found that Jesus has powers and authorities like God. Then I found in the Gospel of John:

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Nothing else needed.

Having Faith on Jesus I prayed to him, I wept, cried before Him and asked him to give me a sign so I can tell this to my very fanatic Family.

Three months later, I found that I was pregnant. What a sign this was, what a joy this was, what a miracle for me and my hubby. He said, how it is possible. Then I told him all the story and showed him all the books and the Bible. First, he reacted very badly but later he calmed down and listened to my story. I told him that I believe Jesus is God, the creator of universe as it is written in John that all things were made through Him.

God heard my prayers! and I am pregnant! I was not able to bear children, all doctors said this to me. I have to die without children, I had to live in troubles, I had to live without family and husband. But Praise God, He listened my prayers like Sarah, and opened my womb. Amen. My whole family is very much pleased. Now I believe on Christ, He is only Savoir, He took my worries on His shoulders and bestowed me with a child. God of The Bible healed me and heard me. Amen

God did great things for me. Now my hubby is studying the Bible. He is in the middle of it. He is learning well from our dear brothers (Pastor & Rusul). Still doing this very secretly.

Thank you so much for changing our lives. Thanks for the book named G&E in Urdu language. Now we have the colour version, it is really fantastic work. Things are very much clear and the pictures are so awesome. God bless you and keep you. What a book you have produced. We both are studying with the Biblical references at the bottom [of each page]. At night most of the time we spend studying it, studying the Bible. Learning more about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is the true God. God of the Bible, Jesus of the Bible is true God. Thank you again. WE LOVE YOU

Image Credit: Some women in Pakistan receive copies of Good and Evil in Urdu, June 2022.