Michael Pearl’s complete and unabridged Book of Romans audio series. Michael has been studying and teaching the book of Romans for over 40 years. This verse-by-verse teaching is presented for the layman from the unique perspective of a student that believes the Bible rather than a scholar that critiques it. Instead of presenting a devotional study, Michael addresses all the hard theological issues that have been the foundation of Christian faith down through the centuries. This teaching is original in many ways, and is not a restatement of other writers. We hope you understand the work of Jesus Christ more fully through this free edition of Michael Pearl’s Romans series.

Download as individual tracks:

01 Romans 1:1-17
02 Romans 1:18-32
03 Romans 2:1-16
04 Romans 2:17-3:4
05 Romans 3:5-23
06 Romans 3:21-31
07 Romans 4
08 Romans 5:1-11
09 Romans 5:12-21
10 Romans 6:1-5
11 Romans 6:6-23
12 Romans 7:1-6
13 Romans 7:7-25
14 Romans 8:1-10
15 Romans 8:10-14
16 Romans 8:15-23
17 Romans 8:8-39
18 Romans 9
19 Romans 10-11
20 Romans 12-16
21 Prologue

This series is also available as a quality MP3 CD through the NGJ web store.

This audio is shared freely in hope that many will fully understand the work and Gospel of Jesus Christ. The audio file(s) can be freely redistributed under the following conditions: they must be distributed intact and unedited; they must be distributed as a complete set; the packaging must display a visible reference to No Greater Joy Ministries and nogreaterjoy.org; they must be distributed without charge of any kind.

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Romans Romans: verse by verse Until you know the book of Romans you don’t know the Bible. If you have never listened to any Bible teaching by Michael Pearl, this is the place to start. We continually receive testimonies of lives changed and souls saved through listening to this greatest of New Testament books. 1 MP3 CD. 8140-55 $12.95
Romans Romans: A Verse by Verse Study Romans: A Verse by Verse Study. Michael Pearl. Over 17 hours. 8140-DL $9.99
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