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Walk Into A World of Learning.

by Charmayne Khan Last evening as I was digging in the dirt, I was thinking about my journey in homeschooling. The question came to me, "What would I be like if I did not (...)

No Greater Joy Archives (Don't Send a...

Either I have forgotten what it is like to be solely responsible for a two-year-old, or I have gotten out of shape—both physically and mentally. My daughter Shoshanna left J (...)

A Tribute to my Dad

by Leah SpinaI would like to give honor to my 75-year-old amazing dad Richard Driggers! He was and is an incredible source of support, encouragement and inspiration in my life. He (...)

Excerpt from 'Understanding the Book of...

My newly published commentary, Understanding the Book of Hebrews, was a thrill to write. It covers subjects generally obscure to most believers. Here is a portion of commentary on (...)

From Urban Life to Homesteading

Dear Mr. Pearl, I watched your YouTube about UFOs and men’s hearts failing them for seeing the things coming on the earth. It was the first time I realized that even though C (...)

Our Homeschooling Journey Begins

When our adopted children were ages eight, six, and almost-six, we moved to South Korea for my husband’s work. Prior to this time, James, our eight-year-old, had begun h (...)

Homeschool Wonder

I guess you could say Mike built our house using It is not that he didn’t know how to build a house—he has built several houses in years past—but the house he had in m (...)

A Walk Through Our Archives

The Ant by Shalom (Pearl) Brand There once was an ant named Christa-Christa (Gracie’s favorite name), who lived on a very big farm. One morning in early Spring, when the dew was s (...)

My Very First Bottle Calf

I bottle raised a little heifer calf when I was 4 or 5. The mama cow had been sold by mistake, I think, and the calf was left behind. She was a deep brown color, and of course (...)

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