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No Greater Joy’s Light Bearers Prison Ministry

There are 2.2 million inmates in America waiting to hear the gospel.
Are they waiting for you?

Michael Pearl has preached and taught the Bible in prisons for 45 years. He has seen many men get saved and go on to become faithful men of God. NGJ has sent over 60,000 copies of the gospel book, Good and Evil, to over 1,000 prisons in America. Chaplains have requested them by the carton. Some prisons are receiving 100 books a month. We have heard testimonies of many conversions. But there are many more requests that we are not able to meet. Your donation will go directly to the purchase and shipping of materials.

“I want to say ‘Thank you’ to all of the kind people that donate to this ministry and make Good and Evil available to inmates. My eyes are filled with tears as I think of how many people I helped walk to Christ with this Bible comic book.”

A letter from former inmate Mark

“You sent me several copies of Good and Evil, two copies of which are now in our prison library and are checked out all the time. Many of the men here cannot read, and they have been so blessed by Good and Evil [because it is picture-based].”

A letter from inmate Donald

“I just got an update from a friend who is a corrections officer at Albuquerque Metro detention center. I had dropped off 13 copies of Good and Evil about 2 months ago. He tells me that they have been so popular there are not enough to go around. The librarian has put a two week check out time limit!”

Prison Ministry Donor

“From this jail cell I asked you for a Good and Evil Bible story book and you sent me one. That was the first time I had ever read the Bible. I love that book and found it hard to put down.”

A letter from inmate Randy

You Can Also Get Involved

Now you and your family, church, youth group, or ministry can get involved in sending Good and Evil books to prisoners! No Greater Joy receives over 75 pieces of mail every day from prisoners requesting a copy of Good and Evil. There are two ways to get involved:

  1. Option 1 – Pack and Ship You can purchase Good and Evil books at a special prison ministry only price. Each week, No Greater Joy will send you the names and addresses, on preprinted labels, of prisoners in your state that have contacted us requesting a Good and Evil book. You will then mail out the book to each prisoner on your list that week. If you can afford 10 names a week we’ll send you 10 names, if you can afford 25 we’ll send you 25 names. We’ll also give you the original letters that the inmates wrote so you can see how God has been moving within the prisons and jails.
  2. Option 2 – Funding There are people willing to do the packing and shipping of Good and Evil but they don’t have the money to buy the books from us. That’s where you come in. NGJ sells books to our Light Bearers at just above our cost. That cost gets books and prisoner name and address labels to our Light Bearers. That includes NGJ printing cost, packing, sorting through hundreds of prisoner request each week, packaging materials, and shipping cost, for each book sent to our Light Bearers. For every $165 you donate to the NGJ Light Bearer fund 26 prisoners will receive their own Good and Evil book provided in part by you. The Light Bearer themselves still pays the final $4-5 shipping the individual book to each prisoner. 100% of your donation goes to providing our Light Bearers with books so that they can send them to prisoners. Donations can be mailed by check to 1000 Pearl Rd. Pleasantville, TN 37033 or via debit or credit card here:
Donate to NGJ Light Bearers Ministry

Ready to get started? Email us at [email protected] or call us at (931) 593-3115 and we’ll help you launch your prison ministry!


We have had people ask if we know for sure these books are making a difference. Most Light Bearers never hear “thank you” from anyone, as most do not include their name since the books are going into prisons. But we know that this ministry is making a difference. Chaplains write and say that so many men are getting saved just from reading these books. Plus, they tell us that men are being discipled by looking up the Bible verses that are on the bottom of the pages. One chaplain called our manager and had different inmates get on the phone to give their testimony. He wanted to make sure we knew the books were making a big difference in the lives of many.

One Light Bearer is a criminal court lawyer. He testified at a recent shindig that he personally knows that at least 40 men will read one copy of Good and Evil.

He said even though he could hand the books to the inmates, he chooses to mail the books, so the men don’t know they are from him. He says he sees them read the books and watches what God does in and through them. He sees the books passed around from man to man. It was clear this highly professional man in the court system was wonderfully moved of God at the impact these books are making. His testimony was the most powerful word we have ever heard for the Light Bearer ministry.

Another man showed up at the office recently to pick up some more books. He told us that he drove around placing one Good and Evil in each alcohol and drug recovery center in a three-county area. He went back to one facility several weeks later and saw the book he had given them sitting on the counter, and it was in tatters. He asked the leadership what happened to the book and they said, “That book is the most-read piece of literature that has ever been in this place. The only reason it is not being read now is that so many pages are unreadable. Someone has been reading it 24/7 since the day you left it here. So that is what happened to the book. People reading it, holding it, turning its pages, and looking up the verses. We need more!”

Every day we get a huge stack of letters requesting Good and Evil. Without the faithful laborers buying the books and then paying for mailing them out, NGJ could not afford to answer these thousands of requests from prisoners. Light Bearers’ faithfulness is making a difference in everyone’s day-to-day safety because so many inmates come to know the Savior before they are released. It has an eternal impact.

Join in today by becoming a Light Bearer or Donating to support this powerful ministry. Email us at [email protected] or call us at (931) 593-3115 to get started.

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