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Are there any paradoxes in the Bible?

This Weeks Bible Question: Are there any paradoxes in the Bible? If so, what kind of paradoxes? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Alright, here we are once again. I’ve s (...)

What is the Judgment Seat of Christ?

This Weeks Bible Question: What does 2 Corinthians 5:10 mean? As a Christian, I thought I wasn't going to be judged. Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Well, it’s Bible T (...)

What happens when we die?

This Week’s Bible Question: It is believed that once we die we go either straight to heaven or hell. If this is true, who are the dead that will rise in the rapture? Episode T (...)

What does taking up your cross daily mean?

This Weeks Bible Question: What did Jesus mean in Luke 9:23 about taking up your cross daily? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Hi, I’m Mike Pearl of No Greater Joy M (...)

What does the Bible say about celebrating ...

This Weeks Bible Question: Does Jeremiah 10:3 talk about Christmas Trees? As Christians should we celebrate Christmas or other Holidays? Episode Transcription [music] Michael (...)

When did God create snakes?

This Weeks Bible Question: Were snakes part of the original 6 Days of Creation? Or, do snakes exist because God cursed Satan? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: All (...)

When we die, do we remember people or even...

This Weeks Bible Question: Does the Bible say anything about us being able to remember events or people from our lives here on Earth? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl (...)

Do souls suffer in Hell for eternity?

This Weeks Bible Question: I recently heard someone say, if a man dies and goes to Hell that he will actually be destroyed and thus not suffer for all eternity. What does the (...)

What is the Bottomless Pit?

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Alright, here we are to answer your questions. Jared has the questions. I haven't seen them; I'm going to hear them for the first time (...)

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