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Felix Carey

Felix Carey saw the need for literature and the Lord used him in great and mighty ways. A White Unto Harvest Production.

Created To NEED A Help Meet

Here I am sitting about 20 feet behind my back door of my house. Elizabeth is here today and she wants me to tell you about the new book I have written. Actually I have written (...)

How to Put “Johnny” Down to Sleep

Teach him that he has to sleep when you tell him to go to sleep.

Questions on the Preparing Site

Did you know about the Preparing To Be A Help Meet website at You can post comments and questions on it for other readers and sometimes even us (...)

Starting Your Own Preparing Bible Study

KIRSTEN: Hi, I’m Kirsten and I’m here with Shalom. Today we’re going to talk about starting your own Preparing To Be A Help Meet Bible study. All the summer activities are winding (...)

Corn Fest

We celebrated our Corn Fest the other day, when all the kids got together and helped me pick the corn. I figured it out and we probably picked about 4,000 pounds of corn on a (...)

Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So

Hearing From a “Trained Up Kid!”

Mike's New Book, Training Children to...

Mike: I have a new book that you’re going to love. I have enjoyed writing it immensely. It’s called Training Children to be Strong in Spirit. I’ve been looking forward to writing t (...)

Dealing with Frustration

MIKE: Hi, I’m Mike Pearl, and they drug me down off the hill where I’ve been working to answer your questions, which I am delighted to be doing here on this beautiful afternoon. Tr (...)

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