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Articles on History

My Story

In the Bible, we find many stories of God’s people being put through fiery trials. Job, Abraham, David, Jeremiah, Daniel, and even Samson are a few that come to mind. Once they e (...)

Being God’s Friend

Imagine being known in heaven as God’s friend. That’s what God called Abraham. Abraham didn’t have a Bible or a church, but he sought to know God intimately. God tested his faith o (...)

Blast From The Past – Late 1980’s

During the Vietnam War Mike and I lived close to the largest inland Naval Base in the USA—Millington Tennessee. For 25 years, reaching these young men was our main ministry. One n (...)

The Early Life of John Rushing

This being my 85th birthday and my children having requested that I give them for a scrap-book purposes and as a family memorial a sketch of my ancestors, as well as of my own (...)