LEAH: Hi. My name is Leah, and I’m from South Carolina, and I am a trained up kid. My parents used Mike and Debi Pearl’s book, To Train Up a Child, to raise me and my two sisters and two brothers, and we are all now happy, successful, emotionally-balanced adults.

We were spanked as we were growing up, and I knew every time I got spanked I deserved it.

I am about to graduate with my Master’s in music from a small college in South Carolina, and I am really excited to get out there and teach. We were homeschooled, but I am just very excited to go out there and be a teacher! My goal in life is not actually to be a teacher, it’s to be married and raise a bunch of kids the way I was raised.

We were spanked as we were growing up, and I knew every time I got spanked I deserved it. You know, there are some people who say that spanking is abusing your kids. My parents were never angry when they spanked us; they were calm, and they let us know why we were getting spanked, and it was very motivating not to disobey again! You know I think the last time I was spanked I was about eleven, and after that my parents sort of changed the way they were parenting because we were older and they knew that they could reason with us.

And so, now that we are adults we can look back and see the wisdom of the way that we were raised and we all plan to raise our kids the same way.

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