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Multi-colored Girls

By Kirsten and Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Kirsten: Hi, I’m Kirsten and I’m here with Shalom, and we’re going to be discussing an article that Debi Pearl wrote on Learning to Become a Multi-colored Girl. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What in the world does that mean?” Well, what it means is Debi talking about the personality types that she’s introduced in her books, Created To Be A Help Meet and Preparing To Be A Help Meet; the Prophet, Priest and King; the Servant, the Dreamer, and the Go-to Girl. She’s labeled them with different colors. So Servant is going to be blue, and a King is going to be red. The whole idea of the article is, if you are a Servant and you marry a King, you are going to be a blue and he is going to be a red and you’re going to become a purple-colored girl. That’s just a beautiful concept, because you are who you are, and he is who he is, and then you are creating something together that’s even bigger. So have you seen that played out in your marriage at all, like the two personality types meshing to become something different than you were when you were younger?

Shalom: Definitely, definitely. I remember when I was younger my brother-in-law told me, “Shalom, you’re a blue. You’re blue. You’re like a blue mini-van.” And, at the time I was like, “What! I’m not a blue-minivan.” He said, “Your sister, Shoshanna, is a red convertible, but you are a blue minivan.” And I didn’t realize until I got married what he was talking about. That YES, I was a blue minivan and that’s a good thing! But, I married a husband that is a Prophet – King type and he wants me to be a Go-to girl in a lot of areas. He wants me to step up to the plate and pay bills, or make important phone calls for him. And as a blue minivan, before I got married, that was NOT something I wanted to do. I was very intimidated. Actually I shouldn’t have been, but I was very intimidated to do things like that. Even just going to Nashville by myself, or something like that. But he expects me to do those things so I had to learn to be a little bit more on the purple side. I’m still a minivan, but a little bit on the purple side.

Kirsten: But that’s caused you to become even greater than you were just as blue. You have become more multi-tasked almost. The meshing of the two colors has made you an even stronger individual probably.

Shalom: Yes, it has. And in our Preparing Bible study with the girls, we were talking about our personality types and one of them spoke up and said, “You’re a Go-to girl. “And I’m like, “What? No! I’m not a get-out-there-and-do-things kind of girl.” And they said, “Yeah, you are!” And, I guess I might have had to step up to that, since I’ve been married.

Kirsten: Yes, you have. By leading the Preparing Bible studies even, it’s not a Servant position. You’ve been placed into a leadership position. And being able to know what to do when those opportunities are thrown at you is amazing. If you’re a Servant, and you’re handed the golden opportunity to lead a girls’ Bible study, then you take that and you become more bold and you have to have those leadership skills. And I think the article’s great. I loved reading it and it’s all about the becoming ONE aspect of a husband and wife. It was great. I enjoyed it.

Thank you, Shalom.

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