During this past fiscal year, NGJ completed its third and fourth printing of the color version of Good and Evil (English). This brings the total of books sold or provided free as a ministry tool to over 110,000 books. We have been overwhelmed with requests for books. We are thankful for the many individuals and organizations that have come alongside to help with the Prison Ministry Distribution. During this fiscal year Lamb Ministries in CA purchased 6,188 books (English) and 658 Spanish at special Prison Ministry pricing. The Barge Foundation in TX purchased 546 books. Other Ministry partners purchased an additional 1,092 books. NGJ supporters are purchasing the books from us, then taking the responsibility and cost of shipping the books to prisoners and the local prisons saving us over $55,000.

Be Part of This! If you have a Prison Ministry and would like to be part of this Blessing, we have special pricing for you. For more details, call or email Mel at [email protected] or 931-593-2484.