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Leaving a Legacy For an Eternal Perspectiv...

Have Your Eternal Perspective Continue After You Are Gone! A note from Mike and Debi: No Greater Joy has had inquiries about being the recipient of donations as part of an estate (...)

Tax Tips: Year-End Giving for 2016

What has the ministry you supported accomplished in 2016? NGJ keeps you informed on a monthly basis. We are always pleased to show the progress we have made in evangelism (...)

Year in Review

Our fiscal year at No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc. (NGJ) ended on June 30, 2016. Our total income for the year was $1,094,925 (unaudited), of which $444,424 were contributions (...)

Pay TAXES or Reap Eternal Benefits - How d...

Gifts need to be postmarked by December 31, 2015 to be receipted as a 2015 Contribution. For tax info call Mel at: 931-593-2484 (9-5 CT through 12/31/15).

What's Happening

Here's a quick update about what's happening with the ministry... Created to Be His Help Meet in German is being reprinted. Created to Be His Help Meet in Russian is being (...)

Mel's Story

Every day as I sit here working at No Greater Joy I am profoundly aware that God has been preparing me—beginning at my birth in a Jewish home to over 40 years in business, i (...)

Prophecy, Preparation, and Panic: End Time...

Only the Lord knows if the next several months will bring about economic instabilities. But you can be informed and prepared to wisely steward the resources which He has (...)

Year in Review

We are continuing to minister full steam ahead. Despite the diminishing contributions and overall sales, we have not slowed our global ministry—actually increased it. We t (...)

No Greater Joy and Amazon Smile - You shop...

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to No Greater Joy Ministries Inc. whenever you shop on Amazon Smile.

NGJ Ministries Worldwide Licensing Agreeme...

As we move forward with licensing agreements we expect that our combined sales through licensed books will continue to outpace our domestic sales by a wide margin. This is (...)

Year-End Tips on Giving

Make sure your charitable gifts have an eternal perspective. Think about the long-term effect of your donation.

No Greater Joy Fiscal Year End Report

Although we had a great year financially compared to the last two years, we encourage you to continue to support NGJ financially to allow us to spread the Gospel and continue (...)

What Is the Balance between Technology and...

We are completing our final testing of the NGJ Mobile Safe Kids product, and very shortly we will be providing a service that will allow you access to everything going into (...)

Mobile Safe Kids

For the past year we have been trying to help our teenage daughter deal with her exposure to porn and resulting boy crazy behavior. She is too young to have so many regrets (...)

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Starting in May 2013, NGJ will offer a service that lets parents filter what their kids see and send on mobile devices.

2012 Fiscal Year - End Review

Our fiscal year ended on June 30, 2012. Our total income for the year was $1,449,439 (unaudited) of which $402,518 were contributions, with the balance being sales, royalties, and (...)

Licensing Complete for Preparing & Men...

Nigeria Licensing Agreement. We receive a royalty. They print, market and sell our books in their marketplace. Now 47 agreements in place.

Become an NGJ Distributor

This is a great time to start a business or ministry as a NGJ Distributor! There is plenty of opportunity.

Good and Evil Update, March 2012

Good and Evil gives everyone with a heart for missions an opportunity to make a difference. Everyone involved is storing up treasures in heaven.

No Greater Joy Finances

This past fiscal year was a very difficult year for NGJ. To minister globally at the high level we have ministered at over the past several years, we spent more than we (...)

Good and Evil Update, December 2011

During this past fiscal year, NGJ completed its third and fourth printing of the color version of Good and Evil (English). This brings the total of books sold or provided free as (...)

Silent Presses

General Manager Mel Cohen gives an update on the translation and printing of the graphic novel Good and Evil. Find out how you can help reach language groups all over the (...)

The General Speaks

Mel Cohen, a Certified Financial Planner and Registered Financial Consultant, will be conducting seminars at Fort Rock Family Camp on Personal Finances, Business Finances (...)

Dreams Realized

Now foreign translations of Good and Evil can be printed and shipped to you within two business days. How is this possible? Read on.

A Missionary Trip

My wife Pat and I went on a 10 day Missionary Trip to Belarus and Ukraine on behalf of NGJ. It was during the time of one of the worst heat waves the region has ever seen.

Year in Review

Our income was over 3 percent higher than our previous year, which translates into more ministry. We praise the Lord for the increase, in this tough economy. We appreciate (...)

The Vision Movie (Update 2)

People learn their lifestyle principles from media. The 2002 Barna Research Group reported that media are the most influential forms of communication today.

Russian Language Good and Evil Update

After evaluation by two independent translators, the almost-finished Russian translation that we have been working for several months was determined not to be up to our usual (...)

The Vision Movie (Part 2)

In the previous magazine we wrote about the meeting we had with Manny Edwards, a Christian man who happens to be a movie producer, writer and director.

The Vision Movie

The Vision has tremendous cinematic potential; exhilarating action sequences, romance, intrigue, and human and historic events on an epic scale. It needs to be made into a (...)


If we did not stay on top of the latest business and marketing ideas to continually expand our income base, we would not be able to minister adequately. We are a small (...)

The Good and Evil Translation Project Move...

To those that have joined NGJ in the translation of the Good and Evil illustrated Bible Storybook into over 25 languages worldwide we extend a heartfelt thank you. And to (...)

Good and Evil Global

There are some people groups...even nations that until now have been unreached. The Bible tells us that before the second coming of Christ, "the gospel must first be (...)

Our Worldwide Ministries

Worldwide requests for quality family and Bible materials exponentially expands the scope of No Greater Joy Ministries.

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