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Missionary to Philippines Needs Generator

March 7, 2013

Contribute toward a generator for Rick!

Rick and his family moved a few months ago to a different area in the Philippines in preparation for going to new schools. In January he received 3,000 copies of the long-awaited, newly published Tagalog translation of Good and Evil. This supply will last him about nine months.

The new school year has started and already he is going into the schools showing films and distributing Good and Evil and other gospel literature. Due to the prevalent political corruption, the schools often experience power brownouts when the politicians divert the electricity for personal gain. These brownouts are unscheduled and often last for several hours. Rick has to schedule his school presentations in advance and if a brownout occurs during the time of his presentation he cannot show the films. The films are an important part of his presentation and the kids really enjoy them. He has already had to cancel a handful of showings; rescheduling can be difficult and delays him going to other schools. With a reliable generator, he could show the films and give his full presentation without being hindered by the brownouts. The outages could also open up other opportunities to show the films, powered by the generator, while people are without electricity.

Please join with us to help Rick minister to his fullest potential to the students in the Philippines!

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