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What's Happening

December 11, 2015

Here's a quick update about what's happening with the ministry...

Created to Be His Help Meet in German is being reprinted.

Created to Be His Help Meet in Russian is being reprinted.

Jumping Ship in Romanian Language: We introduced an NGJ supporter to the Romanian Bible Society. They will work together to produce another printing of Jumping Ship in Romanian.

We just ordered 5,000 more Good & Evil books in Thai. This is the 5th printing. The first four printings totaled 30,000 books. The cost was $9,250 for 5,000 books.

Good & Evil in Russian Language: NGJ contributed $5,000 to for another print run of 10,000 books. They have almost sold out of their first 10,000.

The Bible on Divorce and Remarriage has had three licensing inquiries for Russian and Polish. NGJ is currently working on a Study Guide for the book.

To Train Up a Child had a license renewal in Nigeria for an additional five years.

To Train Up a Child: Child Training for the 21st Century had a license issued for the Polish Language.

FAST FACT: We have 63 active licenses for our books. The initial print run for these licenses is 193,100 books. Many licenses have had several print runs bringing the totals to well over 200,000 books. There are 12 active licenses for our books in China which is our fastest-growing country for licenses.

If you would like more information or would like to support any of these projects contact Mel by email at [email protected].