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Ideas with Stephanie

December 23, 2023

A Stick Figure Illustration by: MOM

A little while back as I was reading a story in the Bible, I thought how much my son Lake would love to hear it too. Then, remembering how he loved stories that were in comic style, I had an idea.
Over the years, Lake has become a hoarder of little Bible tracts with the comic-style pictures. I can’t tell you how many Chick tracts that boy has stuffed under his bed and in every nook and cranny to read! He would spend long amounts of time reading the Bible tract and looking at the pictures. He would read, reread, and think about them.
That’s the memory that came to mind and it’s what sparked the idea in my head as I read the story in the Bible. So I started my own line of handmade, comic-style Bible stories for him that I call, “A stick-figure presentation, by MOM.”
If I think of a Bible story or certain verses I decide to make a tract out of, I write the verses and draw simple pictures to go with them to illustrate. For an artist, it’s pretty laughable work but it’s entertaining!
I keep it simple. I only put one or two verses at the top of the page, then I depict them with my stick figures, many times adding speech bubbles to help tell the story. I use a bit of coloring here and there to make it a little brighter.
It doesn’t take long, and I know how much Lake will feel the love and appreciate the story and pictures to look at. Besides, he absolutely loves getting mail!
Maybe as I go along I will improve the quality and look of them, but for now, I just love knowing he’s going to be excited to get these! It makes me smile just thinking of the goofy grin he always gets when I do something that amuses him and I hear “Oh my word, Mooom.” He acts like I’m silly but secretly loves it.
You don’t have to be a great artist to do this for your children. Just draw a few stick figures and add a little text and the appropriate verses. Give it a try and watch their faces light up!

* Illustrations are to give you an idea of what the tracts could look like.

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