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Cultivate a Habit of Thankfulness

"In this world of corruption there is real danger that the earnest Christian may overreact in his resistance to evil and become a victim of the religious occupational disease (...)

Meet the Staff: Chuck

Chuck works here at NGJ by assisting Mel and answering letters (and a million other things). He is a great worker and gets things done. He was always easy to please when I cooked (...)

Meet the Staff: Mel

Mel is the General Manager at NGJ. He and his wife Pat came here from Texas five years ago and with his expertise he has greatly expanded NGJ’s influence. Having heard him talk d (...)

Meet the Staff: Emily

Emily is Chuck’s 18-year old daughter and has worked nearly a year at NGJ. Lynne has trained her in all things “graphic” and, by Debi’s description, she is “extremely smart.” She p (...)

The Church (House) at Cane Creek

Here’s the building we meet at each week. When I first came, the building was unusable due to flooding last May. Believe it or not, it flooded over two feet into the second floor (...)

Meet the Staff: Kirsten

Kirsten is back from college for the summer. She’ll be cooking two days a week, which will take a load off of Debi.


This past Spring Rick Batson was here from the Philippines. One Sunday, he wanted everyone to sing “I’ll Fly Away,” a favorite of his while he was serving time in prison. We all ha (...)


Jeremiah has a very active imagination. There’s always a fort or some other contraption being constructed around the office.

Little Pearl

Jocelyn loves spending Wednesday afternoons with Mama Pearl.

Cane Creek

I thought of Cane Creek as a famous place when I first came here. Now I know it’s just another creek…although it does have the best swimming hole I’ve ever been in…and add to that (...)

It's Finally Warm

A lot of us gather to swim everyday from 2–5 pm. Everyone’s glad just to be outdoors after a long winter.

NGJ Office Humor: Daddy Bill

Having Daddy Bill (Debi’s dad) at lunch sometimes would get interesting. Having a touch of Alzheimer’s, he would repeat questions like, “How’s everyone at Decaturville where I grew (...)

Meet the Staff: Johnny

Johnny came to work here about a year ago. He and his wife, Terri, and their eight children, live about an hour from here. Johnny is one of the first people I met when I visited (...)

Meet the Staff: Hugh & Annette

Hugh and Annette each work in their own domain at NGJ. Hugh keeps the technical part of our computers up and running. Annette answers our order lines. She is very creative and a (...)

The Big Scream

The first time I heard “the scream” at the office, I didn’t know what was happening. That was the first week I was at Cane Creek. I didn’t know it was a common occurrence. Now I kn (...)

Meet the Staff: Kathy (& Old Tom)

This is Kathy. She and her husband, Tom, are locals that were saved nearly 20 years ago under Mike’s teaching. Debi said Tom and Kathy both volunteered for years at NGJ until the m (...)

Bathroom Antics

Debi loves to scare people. She never tires of finding ways to startle folks. One of her favorite and most effective ways is to pound on the bathroom door when she sees the light (...)

Meet the Staff: Tremaine

Tremaine works in the shipping department at NGJ. When he leaves work he goes to minister at the prison. He fills in for Mike sometimes at the church and he also street preaches (...)

What an Accomplishment!

Shalom’s husband, Justin Brand, took 1st place with his home-built motorcycle in the latest Bike Show. It took him 5 weeks to build it from start to finish. He (Shalom helped) w (...)

Office Visitors

Shoshanna (Mike and Debi’s youngest) visits often with her children, Jeremiah James and little Penelope Jane. Sometimes her husband James comes, too. 🙂

From Prison to the Philippines

Rick Batson is here in the States away from his wife and children in the Philippines. He will soon be heading back! He spoke in church on Sunday. What an encouragement! As a (...)

Delivery Day

This is one of the many big rigs that find their way back into the small community at Cane Creek to make a delivery. I was told that before the concrete bridge was built (less (...)

Our Mailman

In rain or shine, flood or whatever, Barry is always faithful in bringing your mail and hauling off your boxes of mail. He always has a treat for the children and the dogs!

Meet the Staff: Shalom

Shalom is Mike and Debi’s daughter. She manages the website Getting to know her has been amazing for me. She has so much wisdom and has taught me a lot (...)

Target Practice

When the weather was nice, I could hear Mike practicing multiple times a day.  

Gracie and Daddy Bill

Gracie is always around the property—delivering messages, helping in the garden, babysitting and giving Daddy Bill rides in the golf cart.

Meet the Staff

Yolanda’s story is in the Preparing book. She is the girl who didn't marry until she was in her 30s. She works part time. Debi says Yo is a whirl-wind of a worker. I see that she i (...)

Little Parker

Parker is Mike’s little buddy. He follows him everywhere. When Mike comes in at 11:15 for lunch, and starts tapping his foot waiting for us to rush around and get it on the table (...)


The first blooms after a long winter are always a burst of color and a welcome sight.

What a Feat!

Debi’s father (a.k.a. Daddy Bill) has lived with me for the past four months. He’s now a permanent fixture at the office (at least during lunchtime). He has what he calls a “sl (...)


Mike named her. She may be named “Useless”, but Parker simply LOVES this dog. And she sure puts up with a lot from him.


Demolition is always fun. We’ve been tearing down the porch, carport and roof to build a new room for Daddy Bill to stay in.

My House

This is where I lived for the 9 months I was at NGJ. This is Mike and Debi’s house that they built when they moved here. Mike said that the framing was up in a week and the house f (...)

The Z

Here’s Mel’s beloved car. It seems out of place here in Perry County, but it definitely matches Mel.

The Best of Both Worlds

No matter how advanced NGJ gets technologically, the staff still drives a ½ mile churt and gravel driveway, passing gardens, a pasture with cattle, and wooded areas on the way.

Debi's Greenhouse

Debi’s greenhouse vegetables are coming up nicely!

Sweet Juice

Debi’s Sweetener—Fill a clean worcestershire sauce bottle with water and add about a teaspoon of dry stevia. Shake well and let bottle sit open in a warm area for 2-3 days and (...)

NGJ Office Humor: Potential Suitors?

Apparently, Perry County is not the best place to find a husband. A survey was done here to find out what a woman wants in a husband. The results came back and were somewhat (...)

Ice Cream

Here are some of the children helping me make homemade, healthy ice cream. Yuuuuummmmm!

Pizza Day

Pizza • 2 ½ cups of whole wheat flour, or • 1 cup of whole wheat and 1 ½ cup of white flour (for fluffier, lighter crust use half and half flour) • 1 Tbsp. of sugar • 1 Tbsp. of dr (...)

NGJ Office Humor

We’re very sympathetic around here. 🙂

Did You Know?

Debi recently told me that one of the most toxic foods consumed is strawberries that have been sprayed with chemicals. Do your research and you’ll know why.

Debi's Garden & Greenhouse

This past week Mike and Debi got this fence put up around one of their gardens to keep the chickens out.

NGJ Office Humor: Not Your Average "3 Prea...

I recently heard one of Mike’s famous, er, infamous, jokes. I’ll pass it on in simplest terms: There was a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic priest and a Baptist preacher camping in the for (...)

Preparing Bible Study

Every Wednesday night we get together to have a Young Girls Preparing Bible Study. We have snacks, talk about boys, and we go over the chapter that we all read at home during the (...)


We’re all excited about Michael Pearl’s new project. He’s been busy studying for a video he wants to make that will help everyone, from children to adults; understand the “Reve (...)

Good & Evil Behind the Scenes—Voice ...

Check out the behind-the-scenes of video production for the upcoming Good & Evil Animation Series:

Debi's Garden & Greenhouse

Debi’s garden has hundreds of Chinese cabbages! All kinds of lettuces, herbs, Swiss chard and lots of other goodies!


One of the NGJ staff favorites!

Good & Evil Animation 1st Chapter Almo...

The Good & Evil Animation is moving right along. The first of 13 Episodes is almost finished. We will offer Episode 1 as a free download soon. Be sure to follow h (...)

Jostie Flicks

I’ve discovered some great short films by the Jost family. Check them out on:

Old Tom

This is what I see every morning when I go outside. Old Tom was Debi’s mother’s cat before it was Debi’s. He’s survived a cold winter, but is always ready for food. I don’t think i (...)

Bible Study Came Under Attack by Rabid Rac...

(At least, it was obviously very sick with something.) I spotted it outside the kitchen window stumbling around the cars heading toward the door where the Bible study was live on (...)

Baby Doll Bug

Elizabeth’s bright yellow Bug is hard to miss here in Cane Creek community.

Debi's Garden & Greenhouse

Everyone looks forward to several vegetables. Even our back office window has become a green house!

Meet the Staff: Talitha

I’ll start with me and how I came to work here. Last summer, some of my family and I accepted the Pearl’s invitation to their church and made the trip in mid-June. While my family (...)

Are You Surprised?

The first time I came here, I remember I was surprised to see store-bought canned green beans in the office pantry. It’s good for me to see that the people here are “normal.” They (...)

Fresh Dirt

Mike turned up new ground today. It’s such a lovely smell. It means that spring is right around the corner.


It’s such a good thing! Not only is it delicious, but if you use raw cream and real salt, it’s so healthy for you. Here’s a quick, easy way to make homemade butter (taken from Home (...)

NGJ Office Humor: The Pearl's Gift Registr...

Mel let everyone know today that with Mike and Debi’s anniversary coming up that maybe they should consider registering for gifts. His idea: Register at the local, damaged-goods, s (...)

Cold Sand

Springtime apparently means volleyball around here. Since the weather’s been warm this past week, people in the community have been out several times. For me, it’s very int (...)


We have a lot going on in the office, but Debi still has to watch over her garden:

Fresh Air

  We love being outside! Here is Debi Pearl with her granddaughter, Gracie, in the herb garden.


  Less than a week until Spring! Well, not too much has changed. The snow has melted, and we’ve begun to clean out the herb garden. We are still cleaning out the gravel from t (...)

Website Overhaul

  James Easling, son-in-law to Michael and Debi Pearl, has worked tirelessly restructuring NGJ’s website. Look for some amazing changes over the next several months.

Free Coloring Pages

[download id="78226"][download id="78222"][download id="78218"][download id="78214"][download id="78210"][download id="78206"][download id="78200"][download id="78194"] Go to (...)

Coloring Contest

For all children—enter our March-April Yell & Tell Coloring Contest. I’ll be the judge, so I want to see some creative work. Make sure you submit your entry by March 20th. Yel (...)


Shalom Brand recently began an online study of Debi Pearl’s book “Preparing To Be A Help Meet.” Please join us on You’ll be encouraged and you’ll also b (...)

How Does Our Garden Grow?

Springtime is just around the corner. See an updated photo every Saturday of our progress each week in the garden. To start, we fertilize the ground with lots of manure.

Guess Who's Leaving?

I am. After nine months here and just getting settled in well, God is moving me on. He has a way of never letting me be too comfortable. I’m so thankful for my time here. I’m gon (...)

Did You Know?

Michael and Debi Pearl worked with Danny Bulanadi to make the book “Good and Evil.” Until I came here, I wondered why the Pearls would work with an artist who illustrated for Mar (...)


We love yogurt around here. We each have different reasons we eat it—good for digestion, helps one to sleep, and aids in weight loss. We also have different ways we eat it—with cin (...)

Shopping Day

Debi and I went to Nashville today. Our pantry is full, the cook’s happy (that’s me), and the staff will enjoy their—now full—stash of assorted granola bars.

Tip of the Day: Blueberries

Eat a lot of them. Besides a multitude of other benefits, they’re great for your eyes. Mike told me when blueberries are in season and he’s eating them by the cupful, his eyes cle (...)

Contend for Your Faith

Nathan, Michael and Debi Pearl’s son, leads an online Bible Study every Sunday at 6 pm CST. He and a panel of others, of which usually I am a part, discuss and learn how to study S (...)

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