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Cultivate a Habit of Thankfulness

“In this world of corruption there is real danger that the earnest Christian may overreact in his resistance to evil and become a victim of the religious occupational disease, cynicism. The constant need to go counter to popular trends may … Read more

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Meet the Staff: Chuck

Chuck works here at NGJ by assisting Mel and answering letters (and a million other things). He is a great worker and gets things done. He was always easy to please when I cooked. By what I understand, he, his … Read more

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Meet the Staff: Mel

Mel is the General Manager at NGJ. He and his wife Pat came here from Texas five years ago and with his expertise he has greatly expanded NGJ’s influence. Having heard him talk during lunch times, I, personally, think he’s … Read more

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Meet the Staff: Emily

Emily is Chuck’s 18-year old daughter and has worked nearly a year at NGJ. Lynne has trained her in all things “graphic” and, by Debi’s description, she is “extremely smart.” She practically schools herself, so she has time to work … Read more

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The Church (House) at Cane Creek

Here’s the building we meet at each week. When I first came, the building was unusable due to flooding last May. Believe it or not, it flooded over two feet into the second floor. The creek rose over twenty feet.

July 24, 2011 9 comments

Meet the Staff: Kirsten

Kirsten is back from college for the summer. She’ll be cooking two days a week, which will take a load off of Debi.

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This past Spring Rick Batson was here from the Philippines. One Sunday, he wanted everyone to sing “I’ll Fly Away,” a favorite of his while he was serving time in prison. We all had to clap along so as to … Read more

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Jeremiah has a very active imagination. There’s always a fort or some other contraption being constructed around the office.

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Little Pearl

Jocelyn loves spending Wednesday afternoons with Mama Pearl.

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Cane Creek

I thought of Cane Creek as a famous place when I first came here. Now I know it’s just another creek…although it does have the best swimming hole I’ve ever been in…and add to that a rope to swing into … Read more

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It’s Finally Warm

A lot of us gather to swim everyday from 2–5 pm. Everyone’s glad just to be outdoors after a long winter.

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NGJ Office Humor: Daddy Bill

Having Daddy Bill (Debi’s dad) at lunch sometimes would get interesting. Having a touch of Alzheimer’s, he would repeat questions like, “How’s everyone at Decaturville where I grew up?” Daily, he would find out that all but a few of … Read more

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Meet the Staff: Johnny

Johnny came to work here about a year ago. He and his wife, Terri, and their eight children, live about an hour from here. Johnny is one of the first people I met when I visited Cane Creek. When summer … Read more

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Meet the Staff: Hugh & Annette

Hugh and Annette each work in their own domain at NGJ. Hugh keeps the technical part of our computers up and running. Annette answers our order lines. She is very creative and a favorite of the children who visit the … Read more

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The Big Scream

The first time I heard “the scream” at the office, I didn’t know what was happening. That was the first week I was at Cane Creek. I didn’t know it was a common occurrence. Now I know that Debi, Johnny … Read more

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