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March-April 2015

Table of Contents

Ataque al entrenamiento infantil tradicional

El Dr. Benjamin Spock publicó su libro El libro del sentido común del cuidado de bebés y niños  en el año 1946. Cuando f (...)

Attack on Traditional Child Training

Taken from a new chapter in the upcoming 21st Anniversary Edition of To Train Up a Child

Book Review - Lessons from a Sheep Dog

We absolutely love this tiny, 73-page book. It will wrench your heart (as will all of Keller’s books) as you see y (...)

Give Attendance to Reading

There are paths we choose in life that forever change our destiny. Sometimes the choices seem small, even (...)

Prudent but not a Prude

My parents were artists, and in between shows they conducted a ministry with men and women in the military—Sailors and M (...)

The Gospel Box

Both the people you just read about connected with their cell phones to a little device called the Gospel Box. It (...)

The Great White Throne Judgment and the...

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2 comments on “March-April 2015”

  1. I just realized the NGJ magazine is free!! I was so happy when I learned this because a subscription was not in our budget. Your teaching has been a great encouragement to me because of it's Biblical base. I have no idea how you make this magazine available to readers at no cost, but thank you for this ministry! And praise God you keep His Word at the center of your teaching! Sincerely, Melody

  2. your last issue of ngj was excellant. Thankful for your knowledge . If the younger generation would listen to you (i am 73 years old) our country would be better off. I taught sunday school 5,6,& 7 ages for 40 some years, wonderful children then all of a sudden it changed. they wouldn't obey, tore up handwork totally different children so I told board I didn't need a class I was 69 time to retire. what has happened to our children? So thankful for you and your family. 8 of our 11 grandchildren are raised with no tv and no cell phones. We have never had a tv and very little computer use. My husband doesn't use computer at all. We decided before we married no tv in our home and stuck to it.

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