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Book Review - Lessons from a Sheep Dog

February 13, 2015
Book Review - Lessons from a Sheep Dog

Lessons from a Sheep Dog by Phillip Keller

We absolutely love this tiny, 73-page book. It will wrench your heart (as will all of Keller’s books) as you see yourself in it over and over.

This is the true story of Lass the sheep dog who came to live on the sheep ranch as a gaunt and angry dog who had been chained to a short stake because all she did was chase cars and people. She had been so mishandled that all of her original beauty was gone. But one day a stranger showed up (Keller) who saw beyond her flaws and instead saw the magnificent creature she was designed to be. His heart broke and he determined to do all he could to set her free of the self-imposed bad choices that had caused her to be so miserable. But the decision would ultimately be hers. Would she learn to trust him? Your heart will be beating in anticipation of Lass’s choice.

This book was given to us when my husband broke his neck in 2013, and rarely have we enjoyed a book so much. I read it to myself with tears streaming down my face while Ken was barely conscious, and I don’t cry easily. Then when Ken was past some of the pain but all he could do was lie on the couch and listen, I read it out loud to him and we both cried. This is one of the most tender pictures of Jesus’s care for us that we have ever read. Children will especially love the first part of the story. Keller then applies the spiritual truths of Lass working with her new master to us spiritually, and, believe me, it is rich.

You can generally buy it used from Amazon for a penny or so plus postage. I bought several for Christmas.
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