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March-April 2021

Table of Contents

Don't do Missions as Usual

From a missionary: Dear Michael and Debi Pearl, On my resent mission trip to Sudan I came across a dear pastor that has (...)

Jeremiah, the Faithful

Jeremiah ran his hand over his head, half expecting his fingers to comb hair. Instead, he felt a smooth cue ball. His (...)

NGJ Underground Mail

If you read our March-April 2021 magazine and wanted to sign up for the NGJ Underground, click the link below. Or (...)

Once Upon a Time - How We Became Bakers

"You girls should start a baking business!" Mom said for the thirty-fourth time in the past three years. My stomach (...)

To Future Generations

If I could speak to future generations, My sons and daughters, their offspring to be, I’d say, begin with, I don’t know (...)

When Rebellion is Godly

Fifty years ago when Mike and I first started teaching our children at home (illegal at the time), we met with (...)

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One comment on “March-April 2021”

  1. Dear Mr. And Mrs. Pearl and staff, thank you thank you for each and every magazine. But especially for this latest one. The article about righteous rebellion put into words what ive been searching out in my heart. This is what I want my children to be raised with. I see all around me burning masks and acting out in reactive rebellion. Maybe it's because they don't understand the difference... but I want to have compassion and teach compassion. Thank you! This is like a cup of water in a desert.

    May God bless you all. So much love!!!

    Andrea Smith

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