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To Future Generations

February 18, 2021

If I could speak to future generations,
My sons and daughters, their offspring to be,
I’d say, begin with, I don’t know anything,
Then ask for ears that hear, and eyes that see.
Assumptions are the downfall of all wisemen
But seekers are the ones who find the truth
Live what you believe before you teach it, and
Spurn paid, self-sainted, power-hungry fools.
I’d tell the children of my children’s children
That love is not a feeling or a thought
It is the act of caring for another:
The younger, weaker, poorer, or distraught.
So love. Love always, and love without measure.
Give. Don’t save yourself. Give it all away.
When faced with “will it hurt” and “but I want it”
Know: Love-in-Action cancels Hell-to-Pay.
If I could speak to future generations
I’d tell you that the most important thing
Is the children you’re raising to be parents.
Don’t fail to give each one a song to sing.
Tell stories of your journey t’ward the Maker.
Open their eyes to stories they’ll become

Give them the bigger picture of influence
Each one can change a family’s outcome.
If I could know the future generations
I would love them with all my heart and strength
'Til every son and daughter of my children
Would know why Christ is everything to me.
All I have, and am becoming, he gave me.
This poetry first came from him: My Muse.
I am the tea leaves in a cup of time-space
Christ is the Living Water. I’m infused.
If I could—I would tell them all, I love you!
You’re so smart, and so full of energy!
I want your art on my wall where I can see it,
I’d love to bake your birthday cake and sing.
No matter where you are, and what your life is
Just know this poet-mama from ‘some’ time
Loves you and is cheering for your victory
And we’ll be friends somewhere beyond the rhyme.



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