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May-June 2014

Table of Contents

¿Quién define a tus hijos?

El niño acepta la definición de sí mismo que le imponen quienes lo cuidan. No tiene otra forma de saber quién es. Los ni (...)

Homeschooling: Success or Failure

Evaluation of whether homeschooling is a successful adventure or a failed social experiment. Goodness without God (...)

Proverbs Time Continued

There is no better tool on the face of the earth to save your children from the wages of sin than the book of (...)

The “ME” Monster

Today, I get emails and phone calls from women who are utterly depressed. I finally figured out why. They are (...)

Three Types of Children, Part 3: Building...

In part 3 of her series on raising the three types of children, Shalom talks about how building confidence in your (...)

Who Defines Your Children?

Children see their reflection in the eyes of others. They gaze into the mirror of eyes that love or judge, blame (...)

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