“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

NGJ Magazine: May-June 2014

NGJ Magazine:
May-June 2014

Volume 20, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Who Defines Your Children?

Who Defines Your Children?

Michael Pearl

Children see their reflection in the eyes of others. They gaze into the mirror of eyes that love or judge, blame or cherish, or that show delight. The developing child then says, “So that is who I am.”

Three Types of Children, Part 3: Building Confidence

Three Types of Children, Part 3: Building Confidence (Steady/Servant Type)

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

In part 3 of her series on raising the three types of children, Shalom talks about how building confidence in your laid-back, steady child is an everyday job—to let them accomplish something, to overcome, and to be victorious!

The ME Monster

The “ME” Monster

Erin Harrison

Today, I get emails and phone calls from women who are utterly depressed. I finally figured out why. They are singing the same tune I sang those 10 years ago: “What about ME?” Behold, the “Me” Monster!

Proverbs Time Continued

Proverbs Time Continued

Michael Pearl

There is no better tool on the face of the earth to save your children from the wages of sin than the book of Proverbs. And there is no better way to instill these truths in your children than your own personal Proverbs Time at home.

Homeschooling: Success or Failure

Homeschooling: Success or Failure

Michael Pearl

Evaluation of whether homeschooling is a successful adventure or a failed social experiment. Goodness without God is humanism at its finest.

¿Quién define a tus hijos?

Michael Pearl

El niño acepta la definición de sí mismo que le imponen quienes lo cuidan. No tiene otra forma de saber quién es. Los niños ven su propio reflejo en los ojos de los demás. No hay nada más que influya …

Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz (May-June 2014)

Debi Pearl

Can a young boy be used of God to do a mighty thing? Send in your answers to this Bible quiz by May 18th, 2014 and you could win a prize!

Debi Pearl


Debi Pearl

To those who helped bring healing: For the first time in 40 years I have no pain in my neck. It is a blessed relief. Thank you, thank and THANK YOU! God has blessed your offering. – Debi

Homeschooling News

Homeschooling News, May-June 2014

Bobbie Sue Johnson

Interview with a young boy in the community who is a missionary to the United Arab Emirates! Yes, he lives right here in Cane Creek but is spreading the good news to people in the UAE using Facebook, iMissionaries, and Good and Evil!

Bible Quiz Winners for March-April 2014

Congratulations March-April Contest Winners!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Congratulations to our March-April Bible Quiz contest winners: Johanna Henderson (OH), Peter Osborn (TN), Chloe and Lynn Snyder (TN), Martha Nolt (KY), Joshua Newman (TN), Lorena Kleinsasser (SD), and Seth Wilson (MS).

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