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May-June 2020

Table of Contents

Conejos fétidos

Desde mi perspectiva femenina, los hombres son una raza diferente muy difícil de entender para nosotras las mujeres (...)

Did I seriously just question God's Word?

I have been a Christian for 17 years. I have loved getting to know God, learning about his love for me and others (...)

God's Words Are Alive

Why do some children grow up to be emotionally balanced, self-disciplined, godly human beings and others not so much? (...)

Rotten Rabbits

From my female perspective, men are a different race, very difficult for us more emotionally balanced females to (...)

Ser Abuelo

Pensaste que ya habías terminado con las responsabilidades de criar hijos, pero no. Tu papel ha cambiado, pero es tan (...)

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5 comments on “May-June 2020”

  1. Have read several
    articles of yours over
    the years. The Help
    Meet books gave
    my wife & I a former
    foundation. She has
    since gone on to
    be with Jesus.

    Also wanted your take on this COVID19 outbreak.
    Thank you.

  2. So...where’s the baby? Is this a game where we’re supposed to find a baby in the magazine, or was the article accidentally left out? Inquiring minds want to know!! ?

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