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September-October 2023

Table of Contents

Doubt Your Salvation?

Do Your Children Know God? Am I worthy? How Can God Love Me? Have I sinned too much? How Can God save Me? Am I too Far (...)

From our Mailbox - An ex-Gentle Parenting...

I have recently discovered your books after realizing Gentle Parenting wasn't working. I have seen my home turn to a (...)

Hud's Harvest

I remember vividly running up and down the rows of my Nanny’s garden while she picked tomatoes with her thin, h (...)


Many of you may not know that I am a private pilot. There are few things more thrilling than breaking the bounds of (...)

Simple Wisdom Part II

Are your prayers being hindered? Do you wonder why God is not answering? It could be like the time when Daniel needed (...)

Watch and be Blessed

Mike and I don’t travel anymore, but this past June Mike felt a real leading from God to go to the Ohio camp meeting. I (...)

Water-Walking Faith

About six months into Jesus’ ministry, he got word that Herod had beheaded John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin, during a pal (...)

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