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Watch and be Blessed

August 20, 2023

Mike and I don’t travel anymore, but this past June Mike felt a real leading from God to go to the Ohio camp meeting. It was not a long drive and our grandson Jeremiah chauffeured us.

Mike spent three months studying the Bible for the four messages he would deliver. There was a lot of new material that required much preparation (and he is kind of old), which made for a lot of work. Mike covered Ephesians and, I think, half of the rest of the Bible.

We had a glorious time visiting with the saints, many ex-Amish. It was a no-nonsense, sober group, both the married folks with kids and the singles. Even the children were well disciplined and helpful. Mike said he never saw such a fine bunch of righteous, focused, hardworking, single men in one gathering. If I were a single girl looking for a man of honor, this is one event I would not miss. Keep in mind, young ladies, men of honor look for a woman of honor, which shows in how she presents herself.

God has already raised up several teachers and preachers from among this group. It is always wisest when your teachers and preachers come from your own circle and culture. They understand the needs of their own community. The upcoming preachers might be young and not as practiced as the outside men, but, given a chance, they will rise to the occasion. “Professional” ministers, most often, look for opportunities to expand their own ministries rather than build up the congregation. It makes a BIG difference. The Ohio folks have a great crop of men ready to step into the gap. And speaking of stepping into the gap, Andrew Schrock spoke on Sunday morning. He is the young, ex-Amish man who set up the whole event. His message was glorious. While listening to him preach I was as proud of him as if I was his own mama.

To my great pleasure, they had strong congregational singing of the great hymns, which is the very finest worship. Mark my words, all those empty, so-called “worship songs” will never make it to heaven.  We need to sing more “At Calvary” and “Nothing But the Blood,” because songs like that were written for REAL worship.

Watch these Ohio camp meeting messages and be blessed. Have your whole family watch them together and be super blessed. When you get to the third message, lace up your shoes real tight, for it will blow your socks off. It will keep you busy for the next year searching the Scriptures.

Ohio Playlist:

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