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Articles on Art of Child Training

Raising Men

by Brenda Martin When we look around us at average young men today, are we seeing strong, capable MEN?What we ARE seeing is the fruit of parenting in the last couple generations (...)

Ideas with Stephanie

A Stick Figure Illustration by: MOM A little while back as I was reading a story in the Bible, I thought how much my son Lake would love to hear it too. Then, remembering how he (...)

Lessons In The Leaves

As the mornings become more crisp and the leaves change into colors of autumn, the kids and I enjoy walking and conversing together. “That’s pretty much the biggest tree I’ve ever (...)

From our Mailbox - An ex-Gentle Parenting...

I have recently discovered your books after realizing Gentle Parenting wasn't working. I have seen my home turn to a more joy-filled, playful environment since training my (...)

Hud's Harvest

I remember vividly running up and down the rows of my Nanny’s garden while she picked tomatoes with her thin, hardworking hands. It was the perfect place for me to pretend to be a (...)

Boring Your Kids To Desperation

After 45 years of homeschooling and/or watching others homeschool, I have come to the lofty conviction that it is easier to homeschool the more kids you have. Children and teens (...)

Finding The Joy

I’m Hannah Schrock, a young, second-generation homeschooling mama to four precious little women. Deb asked me to share my thoughts on finding joy in the daily monotony of home e (...)

Teaching Your Children To Work

Teaching your children to assume the responsibility of work is paramount. Look around the city; most people are not diligent workers. And many of those that do work, do so (...)

Mirror Neurons

I am loaded with mirror neurons. Thankfully I have a friend named Rachel who has more than I do, so it makes me feel a little better about myself. We can both attest that an (...)

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