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Sissy Sensitive Son

It is not a tough exterior that God desires or that people admire; it is a tough spirit, an overcoming spirit, a spirit of service, caring not for the sparse thanks, nor (...)


I understand the strength of their addiction. They may refuse any alternative. It may be that they do not find anything as fun as punching buttons and looking at a flashing (...)

Making a Fish Trap

What does an old sock full of dog food and a roll of rabbit cage wire have in common?

Making A Knife

A Rewarding Do-It-Yourself Project

Recovering the Skills of Manhood

I can’t tell you how many letters I have received from men telling me that they grew up never developing the manly skills.

He sees the sparrow (hawk) fall

This summer we had a thrilling experience watching Kolya, one of the Russian boys, raising a sparrow hawk.

A Timeless Lesson

From time to time, I like to provide you with examples on how to teach boys.

Training Boys

I am often asked how to raise boys. It has been so long since my boys were 12 and 14 that I had forgotten much of what we did, but because we have the Russian boys back with (...)

Russian Invasion

The Russians are coming again! Two wonderfully ornery, hyperactive, attention-needing, hardworking, hard-playing, easy to get along with, thirteen-year-old orphan boys from (...)