Love is Like God

Dear Pearls, My children are obedient, intelligent, and hard-working. But somewhere I’ve failed and it’s becoming obvious. My children hate each other. There is never a kind word spoken between them, they hate to work together, fight with an intense dislike, and seem consumed with looking out for themselves alone. My son dominates to the point of being a bully and tyrant, and my daughter uses rejection and solitude. My one-time easy going, happy baby is following in their footsteps. We have clear boundaries of ownership and rights, but the children NEVER play together or share. They don’t even speak… Read More
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Ideas We Love: The Week

Kaylee and Nurie (Guest Author)

Hello, Everyone, my name is Kaylee Rodrigues. I am 16 years old and I come from a large family of 12 children, counting me! I am going to tell you how my sweet mama makes each of us children feel … Read more

August 2017
African American girl hugging her brother

Greasy Peanut Butter

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Mike and Debi’s daughter, Shalom Brand, recalls a time when her jokester older brother got a lesson in natural consequences, and she learned that bacon grease tastes NOTHING like peanut butter!

February 2011

Sweet Kids

Rebekah Rising

How do you make your children get along?

April 2006

Love is Like God

Rebekah Rising

The secret to Michael Pearl’s success is not in training…

June 2005

My Brother is a Brat

Michael Pearl

My 18-year-old daughter calls her younger siblings brats. My son hardly acknowledges he has a sister. Among the younger children there is a lot of anger and they avoid being with each other.

November 1998

Something Right

Michael Pearl

Most of our child-training examples come from our friends (at least they were friends before we published their stories).

November 1998
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Rights Are Right

Michael Pearl

I receive many letters and public inquiries on the issue of personal rights.

March 1996

Handling Sibling Aggression

Michael Pearl

A reader asks, “How do you handle sibling aggression, fighting over toys, etc.? How do they learn to handle situations and not run to mama? How does mama learn not to intervene?”

July 1995