Here I am sitting about 20 feet behind my back door of my house. Elizabeth is here today and she wants me to tell you about the new book I have written. Actually I have written two books, finished them, and got a third one on the way. I finished the first, Training Children to be Strong in Spirit, and it’s to the proofer. It’ll be back in about a week and be ready for distribution. (NOTE: Training Children to be Strong in Spirit is now available.)

I’ve written another one called Created To Need A Help Meet. It’s kind of a take-off on my wife’s books Created To Be His Help Meet and Preparing To Be A Help Meet. And so the idea came to me that not only was a woman created to BE a help meet, but also a man was created to NEED a help meet. If he doesn’t have a help meet he is incomplete. God made us whole, but he made us as half of a unit. That unit is made up of one man and one woman.

If we don’t have a help meet we are incomplete. God made us whole, but he made us as part of unit.

There’s something that God placed in the woman that he didn’t put in the man. It’s as if God created us in his image. Adam and Eve together are in the image and likeness of God. But man and woman are different – so something of God’s image is in the man and something a little different is in the woman. When the two come together into one flesh and one spirit, then you have the full expression of God’s nature.

A man who never marries can serve God. He can be a prophet. He can be a eunuch that ministers. But he’ll never have that complete roundness of personality that is required to be the full expression of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So I’ve spent many months now writing. I wrote till it got so big that my little brain wouldn’t contain it, so I just gave up. Last summer I started once again, rewrote the whole thing, and finished it. Now my wife is helping correlate the original with the present version. So we’re taking these two 70,000-80,000 word books and blending them together, which means cutting some stuff. It’ll mess your brain up trying to correlate all that.

So I actually have two books finished that are being combined into one. And I’ve got several people looking at it to help me edit it, and then I’m going to go back and go through it again. So you say, “When will that be?” It’ll probably be at least be Christmas, maybe January, something like that before I finish it. And then we have to go through about 16 different proofers so there will only be 500 mistakes in it. And then we will have to lay it all out before we can send it to the printer. It could be the end of January or February before it’s ready. But it is written and it is coming. Created To NEED A Help Meet.

So ladies, the burden is not going to all be yours. I will hit your husbands hard and fast. I hit them again, and again, and again. And I think they are going to treat you a little bit better when they read this book. So hang in there!


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