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Starting Your Own Preparing Bible Study

By Kirsten and Shalom (Pearl) Brand

KIRSTEN: Hi, I’m Kirsten and I’m here with Shalom. Today we’re going to talk about starting your own Preparing To Be A Help Meet Bible study. All the summer activities are winding down. It’s Fall and it’s the perfect time to start organizing a Bible study for young girls and older girls. The Preparing book lends itself very well to a girls’ study because it has a Teachers Guide in the back to follow along with.

You do have to put a lot of prayer, preparation and organization into leading a Bible study. You don’t just jump blindly into it. But if someone hands you the opportunity, you take it! Because you can help these girls in areas that you never even knew. It will be a blessing to them and to you. You will learn so much.

SHALOM: One of the things to consider in starting a Preparing/Bible study is that it’s much better to have a partner, because it is a big responsibility. You are teaching these girls and ministering to them. You will need wisdom, but you don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar. A lot of the work has already been done for you in the Teachers Guide. Bible verses are there. But ahead of time you need to study the Bible diligently so that you can explain it to the girls.

Last year at college you had the book with you and you started a class. Did you have somebody helping you?
KIRSTEN: I did! And it was awesome because she would organize the time and the place. She always brought snacks and drinks, so I could focus on studying and doing the cross referencing and the word searches. It took a lot of pressure off me because I knew she was going to send out the emails or text messages. Having her to arrange the meetings was a big help.

SHALOM: It does help. Before Preparing To Be A Help Meet was written when we were starting a Bible study, I had a young married lady help me and we did the same thing. We used her house. She was the hostess and she made everything flow. And then this year we did another Bible study, this time using the Preparing book’s Teachers Guide, and it worked out really well. If one of us was sick or tied up with our husbands doing something, taking care of kids, we would shift the load and take turns. It is SO much fun and you learn so much from doing the Bible study. As the teacher I think you learn even more the students do.

KIRSTEN: And it blesses you just as much as it does them. Also, if you go to the website,, there are lots of good ice-breakers on there. We also have weekly studies up and a lot of girls post interesting questions.

SHALOM: If you can’t have a Bible study, or if you can’t teach a Bible study or be involved with one because you don’t know anybody, go to There is an online Bible study that Kirsten or I put together. Check it out!

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