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Michael Pearl does another interview with HLN's Dr. Drew

April 4, 2012

Dr. Drew talks to Michael Pearl again, this time in regard to a recent case involving a man accused of making a child eat screws.

Watch the full episode here:

8 comments on “Michael Pearl does another interview with HLN's Dr. Drew”

  1. Michael,

    While on the road on business travel, last night I was channel surfing at a hotel and your mug popped up on the TV.
    Finally, other than Tebow, a welcome sight on television!

    I was very glad to hear you debate reasonably and unemotionally with the otherwise emotional female panelist who in my discernment it seems has some serious emotional hurts she was obviously covering up (as did all of us B.C.)

    You did a very good job pointing out how she was injecting her lifestyle and parenting flaws as a misrepresentation of your parenting.
    As if it is normal to be angry with kids, ever?

    I have been blessed by "To Train Up a Child" and your newsletters and videos since their discovery by a beloved brother, and we are praying for you and Debbie and your awesome family in these days when we are promised persecution.

    I wonder how many believers have moved to Tennessee in the last 20 years to buy an old tractor and spin their grandkids on their knees in "Pearl fashion?"

    I pray specifically that the Lord will call you to TV more often; for His glory!

    Thank you sincerely for being an earthly, fatherly example to so many of us without.

    Many many blessings!

    Justin Leavens

  2. Wow, I am surprised and pleased that Dr. Drew actually had Mr. Pearl on as a sort of "expert" on dealing with parents who abuse their children--that puts Mr. Pearl in the "normal enlightened people" camp instead of in the camp with the man who abused his stepson. Some of the questions were still biased and ridiculous, but Dr. Drew actually seemed a bit friendly towards Mr. Pearl this time...maybe you guys are starting to win him over! 🙂 God bless you for the stand you are taking!

  3. Good job on the interview. Some people just can't get that anger causes abuse, not love! That spanking does not equal abuse but angry, out of control hitting does! If we wanted to get "violence out of the home" we can't start with spanking but with the violence on the television, music, video games, etc. that are out there these days.

    Thank you for your ministry.

  4. I didn't see where the whole interview was posted. The link above only shows part of the interview.

  5. Honest- my two oldest children 15 years old, and 14 years old, have thanked me for switching them. They have thanked me for training them. They see some of their peers in youth group and Boy Scouts, and know that I and their father have done them a favor by training them up with your methods. I was impressed with your interview with Dr. Drew and am grateful for your work and Debbie's. Many generations will be blessed by the work you have undertaken for Him.

  6. I agree with Justin...

    It is very obvious from the interview who is more capable of raising a child in a healthy emotional environment: the "professional" woman was off the charts with her anger, while Michael Pearl remained calm and logical. I would wager that even though she says she goes by a "no hitting of any kind" policy her hot-headed ways make her abusive in some other form, if not physical. I also applaud Michael for the grace-filled point he made about hoping he gets to share God's truth with the perpetrator if he meets up with him during prison ministry. Compare that response to the hot-headed woman's insistence that this child abuser get the death penalty.

    God bless you, Pearls. My husband and I read and used your advice when our family was just beginning, when my son was two years old. He is now 14, and I am complemented *all the time* by counselors and teachers (in the public school system!) as to how mature he is, how full of integrity, and how he sets such an excellent example for his peers. Same goes for the teachers of my three daughters, ages 12, 7, and 5. Your words can be misconstrued by ungodly people... but when a person with a sincere longing to follow Christ gets hold of them; wow, what a blessing for all the family members, in the present and the future!

    Keep up the good work! We are praying for all of you and your ministry.

  7. May God continue to grant Michael Pearl wisdom under fire. While the "main-stream" will probably side with the so called child "experts", I'm sure Michael's calmness, logic, confidence and biblical understanding of child raising raised a few eyebrows somewhere.