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Ministering in Romania

August 20, 2012

Now in the Romanian language. Created To Be His Help Meet and Preparing To Be A Help Meet are now available to Romanians in their own language. NGJ’s international right agent negotiated agreements with the Bible Society of Romania as a result of a contact made at the International Christian Retailers Show in Atlanta in 2011. The rights agreement grants the Bible Society of Romania permission to publish Created and Preparing in Romanian for distribution in Europe in exchange for a royalty payment. The royalties are not as important as the fact that the women of Romania now have the radically life-changing messages of Created and Preparing available in their own language. After decades of oppression, the former Eastern Bloc countries of Central and Eastern Europe are hungry for the gospel of Jesus Christ and biblical truths. Thank you for being a part of NGJ delivering these truths in Romania.

7 comments on “Ministering in Romania”

  1. hello, i am Romanian!! i am surprised to see these books in Romanian!! i would like to buy some for some friends here and in Romania..please email me more info on how i can purchase them thank you and the Lord richly bless you...
    p.s i read preparing to be a help meet 2 times and now i met my price charming and am reading it again...i realize so much now...since i am in this relationship..thank you for all you do God Bless

  2. Hi Debi,

    After I read your book Created to be His Help Meet, I ordered 20 more to give out to my friends and family. It was a true blessing for me! I am reading it again and I would like to know how I could get this book in Romanian. I understand that you will or already have this book translated in Romanian?

    Thank you, and thank you again for writing such a great book! May you be richly and heavenly rewarded!


  3. We are a missionary family in Romania from the States! I just sent a question about getting child training materials in Romania and then I saw this. How wonderful! There is so little true Biblical teaching on marriage and child training here, even in the churches. Thanks for getting materials in the Romanian language!

  4. My wife and I are indeed glad to hear this news. We asked for this blessing via the Romanian Bible Society last year. They listened! We will send these as gifts to all her sisters for Christmas. May the Lord add his continual blessing to your work.

  5. Just please, please don't send any translated child "training" books over here. I am trying really hard to be gentle, but after reading a few pages from that book, I couldn't but burst into tears. How can Christ believers believe that hurting and beating your own baby is what God wanted??? I pray for every little child that received the "disciplinary" repeated spanking suggested by your book. I also pray that you come to see the truth, because no child will get to live a normal, balanced and happy life when their own mommy and daddy, the people that are supposed to love them the most, hit them and made them cry from the pain. God is love! Not discipline and definitely not pain.

  6. I have a contact in Romania that is in need of a Bible in the Romanian language. Also he is alone with no family, no other Christians that he knows. I have no idea how to get a Romanian bible to him or how to help. Any ideas? Thanks in advance and God bless you for all you do. I have been a subscriber since the early 90's, bought TTUAC, probably the first printing or so, in 1992 or 93. All three daughters are well behaved and no, I didn't "beat" them as was mentioned above. 🙂 Susan Hutchinson