Update 1/29/2014 — A special note from Debi. “I woke up this morning feeling fine! Early yesterday I had surgery. It was mighty satisfactual (Song of the South word). I should have had this done years ago. As I lay there on the OR table I thought with great peace and thankfulness of all the children who were praying for me. I am so blessed. Thank you to all you wonderful folks that made this possible and thank you for your prayers and encouragement. This old lady will shine on.” Debi


Update 1/28/2014 — Debi would like you all to know that she goes in for surgery Tuesday! She said she will have peace if she knows all the little children are praying for her. So mothers gather those children around and take her to the throne!


Update 12/12/2013 — $21,245 has been contributed so far! only $20,000 more to go to fully cover the procedure. Thank you to everyone who has sacrificed to help Debi.

Because of the extreme benevolence of friends that are concerned for Debi’s health, she is finally going to get the surgery that is needed to fix her neck! Debi is profoundly grateful and humbled by all who have already given to her medical needs. Debi has degenerative bones in her neck that has needed surgery for several years but she didn’t want to take the time or spend the money to get it fixed. NGJ dropped medical insurance coverage for its employees due to the escalating cost so Debi is without medical insurance. The needed operation will cost $40,000. Friends of hers have contributed about $11,000 toward the needed amount.

Both Mike and Debi take a very modest salary from NGJ and made a decision years ago to not take royalties from the sale of their books. All of the money earned goes back into the many NGJ ministries such as Good and Evil language project, military ministry, prison ministry, etc. This post is for your information only; it is not part of NGJ. If you would like to donate money to her medical fund you can do so through PayPal, use this email address to do so: debipearlsmedicalfund@gmail.com. To donate by check, write and mail to: Debi Pearl, 1000 Pearl Rd., Pleasantville, TN 37033.

Remember: This is NOT part of NGJ, it is a personal gift from you to Debi to help her get the medical care she needs. NGJ cannot accept checks for Debi’s operation. If you have any questions please call Bobbie Sue at 931 593-3115.