If you were trying to locate Mike the past couple of weeks, chances are you’d find him and Jeremiah working on his new fishing boat. After a tree fell on his previous boat during a recent storm, Mike has salvaged the mud motor and is busy “soup-ing” up this newest vessel of horsepower. (Remember the article about Mike’s jet boat years ago? Don’t worry, this boat isn’t intended to give thrills and adrenaline rushes. It’s main purpose is to land lots of bass this summer!)

Jeremiah suggested that they call this boat “The Skimmer,” to which Mike replied, “Well, then that means I would be called ‘The Skipper.’ I guess you’d have to be called ‘The Scamp!'” The jury is still out on whether Jeremiah will choose to rename this boat! (Between us, I think he is trying to decide if he actually likes being called “The Scamp!”)