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March-April 2012

Table of Contents

Be a Door Opener, Not a Door Shutter

Think of ways to open doors of delight and you will not have as many occasions to say no to their naughtiness.

Dejar y Unirse

Suegra Estimados Sres. Pearl: He batallado para tener una relación con mi suegra desde que la conocí. Tiende a ser m (...)

In the News

You will never know how difficult it has been on the old boy ... and he did it for you!

Knittin' Nate

“But he is MY son, and he is knitting; who taught my son to knit?”

Leaving and Cleaving

Dear Pearls, I have struggled to have a relationship with my mother-in-law since I met her. She tends to be (...)

No Greater Joy Finances

This past fiscal year was a very difficult year for NGJ. To minister globally at the high level we have ministered (...)

Nuts & Nurturing

Children love to be involved.

The Responsibility Train

He is quite happy being a part of the family train, and we are so happy to see him moving up in position.

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