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March – April 2022

Table of Contents

A Personal Story of God’s Love

This is a personal story of God’s love, mercy, and power and how it changed my life.Growing up in the hills of (...)

A Wise Son

“Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.” Proverbs 4:26 Have you watched your little one as he (...)

Blast From The Past – Late 1980’s

During the Vietnam War Mike and I lived close to the largest inland Naval Base in the USA—Millington Tennessee. For 25 y (...)

My Journey

This article is taken from ‘No Greater Joy Volume 3’ In my journeys I came to an old wooden bridge. A (...)

The Local Church I would Join

I am now 76 years old. In my many years I have experienced every kind of church there is—either as a preacher or a (...)

The Reconciler

When “The Reconciler” left this planet, He committed unto His disciples the ministry of reconciliation. The church exi (...)

The Third Woe (the rules have changed)

Many years ago Alexander Scourby made an audio recording of the entire King James Bible and it remains the standard to (...)

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