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May-June 2008

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Do you remember the old Etch-a-Sketch toys, where you turned the two dials to draw lines and designs on the (...)

God Doesn't Have Any Grandchildren

There is no such thing as a second generation Christian. The battle of faith must be fought alone, again and (...)

God’s Story Coming Alive

From the time I was a baby, Dad and Mom taught us stories from the Bible. I remember us kids sitting on the floor (...)

Honoring Parents?

My parents have come to live with us. It is the Asian tradition that the oldest in a household is the final (...)

If I Had Cancer

Everyone living today is a potential victim of cancer. It consumes the wealthy, the weak, the health food guru (...)

Serious As a Heart Attack

I'm alive! There was a time there in February that I thought I had written my last article and taught my last (...)

The Fireman

When my son was three years old, I longed for him to have inspiring summer afternoons playing outside like I did (...)

The Sin of Tolerance

Most moral boundaries are written in stone, clear to anyone who can and will see. We all know it’s wrong to smoke c (...)

Toilet Paper Roll

Necessity may be the Mother of Invention, but frustration is a close second. Nothing frustrated me more than to be (...)

Training In Joy

The following letter expresses the heart of what this ministry tries to convey to our readers. This lady has truly (...)

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